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Early Intervention Clinic Research Group

Dr. Matthew Cordova


Dr. Josef Ruzek



Current/Ongoing Projects:

Development and evaluation of early psychotherapeutic interventions to prevent trauma-related problems in recently traumatized individuals. Participants are being recruited through local emergency medicine departments, victims’ assistance organizations, emergency response services, and grief organizations. As part of the project, students conduct research assessment/intervention with participants. Students have conducted dissertation projects using EIC data, or using original data they collect in a trauma-related area of interest.


We will be selecting 3-4 new students each spring during the PAU research group application process.


Applicants should submit the following by email to both Dr. Cordova and Dr. Ruzek by the PAU research group application deadline: 1) Letter of interest, 2) Curriculum Vitae, and 3) A writing sample (usually a paper submitted for a psychology class while a student at PAU).


A select number of applicants will be interviewed. Notification of offers to join the group will occur by phone on the PAU research group notification date.


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