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Torey Portrie-Bethke, PhD


Adjunct Professor

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Selected Publications:

Christian, D.D., Perryman L. K., & Portrie-Bethke, T. (2017). Improving the  parent  adolescent relationship with Adventure-Based Counseling: An Adlerian  perspective, Journal of Child and Adolescent Counseling, 3(1), 44-58, DOI:  10.1080/23727810.2017.1281693   Chandler, C. K., Fernando, D. M., Barrio Minton, C. A., & Portrie-Bethke,  T. L.  (2015). Eight domains of pet owner wellness: Valuing the pet owner  relationship in the pet owner process. Journal of Mental Health Counseling  37(3), 268-282.  Chandler, C. K., Portrie-Bethke, T. L., Barrio Minton, C. A., Fernando, D.  M., &  O’Callaghan, D. M. (2010). Matching Animal Assisted Therapy  techniques and intentions with counseling guiding theories. Journal of  Mental  Health Counseling.   Portrie-Bethke, T. L., Hill, N. R., & Bethke, J. (2009). Strength-based  mental health counseling for children with ADHD: An integrative model of  adventure based counseling and Adlerian play therapy. Journal of Mental  Health Counseling 31(4), 323-339.   Portrie-Bethke, T. L. (2018). Choice Theory: Floral arrangements  depicting  quality  worlds. Degges-White, S. & Davis, N. (Eds.). Integrating the Expressive Arts  into  Counseling Practice: Theory-Based Interventions. Alexandria, VA: American  Counseling Association. Springer Publishing Company.   Portrie-Bethke, T. L. (2018). Choice Theory. Degges-White, S. & Davis, N.  (Eds.).  Integrating the Expressive Arts into Counseling Practice: Theory-Based  Interventions. Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association. Springer  Publishing Company.   Portrie-Bethke, T., Bastian Hanks, B., Hill, N. R., Wagner, H. H.,  Alexander-  Albritton, C. (2017). Systemic Ecology in Understanding Somatic Symptom and  Related Disorders. In Russo, J., Coker, K., King, J., DSM- 5 and Family  Systems:  An Applied Approach.   Pender, R., Patel, S., Portrie-Bethke, T. (2017). Strategic and Milan  Systemic Family  Therapy. In Flamez, B., & Hicks, J. (Eds). Marriage, Couple, and Family  Therapy: Theory, Skills, Assessment, and Application. San Diego, CA:  Cognella Inc.   Flamez, B., Hicks, J., Portrie-Bethke, T., Hanks, B. (2017). Couple and  family therapy  research: Evaluating therapy & practice Implications. Flamez, B., & Hicks,  J.  (Eds). Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy: Theory, Skills, Assessment, and  Application. San Diego, CA: Cognella Inc.   Hill, N. R., & Portrie-Bethke, T. (2017). Pretend play. In K. L. Nadal  (Ed.), The  Sage Encyclopedia of Psychology and Gender. Sage.  Bastian Hanks, B., & Portrie-Bethke, T. (2017). Trauma and stress related  disorders:  Rhonda. In Ventura, E., Casebook for DSM-5 Diagnosis and Treatment  Planning. New York: NY, Springer Publishing Company.   Portrie-Bethke, T., & Bastian Hanks, B. (2017). Trauma and sexual abuse:  Jessica.  In Ventura, E., Casebook for DSM-5 Diagnosis and Treatment. New York: NY,  Springer Publishing Company.   Hill, N. R., Bastian Hanks, B., Wagner, H., & Portrie-Bethke, T. (2016).  Early  childhood: Physical and cognitive development. In D. Capuzzi and M. Stauffer  (Eds.) Child Development for Counselors.   Hill, N., R., Portrie-Bethke, T., Bastian Hanks, B., & Wagner, H., H. (2015)  Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders. In Flamez, B., & Sheperis, C.,  Diagnosing and Treating Children and Adolescents: A Guide for Mental Health  Professionals. Chichester, The United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons  Limited.