Renee Marquett, PhD

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Gronowski Clinic Supervisor

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(415) 509-5796


Gronowski Clinic


Post-Doctoral Scholar in Clinical Psychology, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA (2012) 
PhD, Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology, Palo Alto University, Palo Alto, CA (2010) 
MBA., Master of Business Administration, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA (2007) 
MS, Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, Palo Alto, CA (2006) 
BS, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and Sociology/Criminology, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL (2002)


Dr. Renee Marquett has worked in and studied the field of clinical psychology since 1998. She is passionate about the dissemination of evidenced based practices, particularly for undeserved populations. From 2005 till 2015 she worked in various research settings as a data analyst, study manager, research consultant and CBT consultant for the Stanford Geriatric Education Center, University of Wisconsin, PGSP, Stanford University School of Medicine, and the County of Santa Clara. Research topics included studying the effects of modified CBT on older adults with mild cognitive impairment, CBT for clients with bipolar disorder, providing training and consultation on group CBT, Intensive Case management for homeless clients with substance use disorders, effects of treatment courts for families with substance use disorder, and dissemination of evidenced based practices for treating clients with serious mental illness.

Dr. Marquett currently works as a Mental Health Program Specialist II for the County of Santa Clara, Behavioral Health Services Department where she manages several mental health programs, is part of the Emergency Response Clinical Team and part of the Trauma Informed Team. 

Areas of Interest:

Evidenced Based Intervention Dissemination; Serious Mental Illness Treatment; Service Utilization; Older Adult Treatment

Selected Publications:

Nguyen, T., Truong, D., Feit, A., Marquett, R. & Reiser, R. (2006). Response to group-based cognitive behavioral therapy for older adults with bipolar disorder. Clinical Gerontologist, 30(2), 103-110.

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Rodriquez, E., Marquett, R., Hinton, L., Mcbride, M. & Gallagher-Thompson, D. (2009) The Impact of Education on Care Practices: An Exploratory Study of Whether ―Action Plans‖ Influence Health Professionals‘ Behavior. International Psychogeriatrics.

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