Workshop: Introduction to Chatbots for Mental Health

October 7, 2022 | 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST
3 Hours
$250 Registration | Early Registration $200 (through September 7th)
The live professional training program on Introduction to Chatbots for Mental Health is presented by Eduardo Bunge, PhD.
Chatbots are online chat conversations used for communication via text or text-to-speech in lieu of a human. Chatbots are beneficial for users as they are flexible and customizable, however, there are risks of misunderstandings and they have a limited capacity to deal with crises.
This program will provide the basic concepts of what chatbots are, their framework, how they are carried out, and by whom. It will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of chatbots.
The different types of chatbots (i.e. rule-based and Artificial Intelligence-based chatbots) will be explained. The program will explore some existing popular chatbots available in the market and their current empirical support. The research on chatbots for depression, anxiety, parenting, and autism spectrum disorder will be described. It will also provide an understanding of how chatbots are designed and will address the use of chatbots in clinical practice.