Workshop: Complex Trauma and the Criminal Justice System

February 9th, 2022 | 10:00am - 11:00am PT
1 Hour | 1 CE
This live webinar on Complex Trauma and the Criminal Justice System is presented by Jerrod Brown, PhD.
Complex trauma occurs when a child is subjected to repetitive and chronic forms of abuse and adversity (i.e., neglect, emotional, physical, or sexual) that can result in lifelong developmental, physical, social, and mental health impairments. These adverse outcomes have significant implications for persons who become involved in the criminal justice system. Intended for criminal justice, forensic mental health, and legal professionals, this workshop will examine the causes, consequences, and clinical and forensic implications of complex trauma. Relevant topics covered during this training will include the complex PTSD diagnosis in the ICD-11, mistrust, self-regulation deficits, attachment problems, executive dysfunction, risk-taking behaviors, homelessness, internalizing and externalizing behavioral issues, and anti-social behaviors to name a few. Empirically based research findings will be highlighted throughout this training.