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Trauma-Informed Telehealth

August 7, 2024 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Pacific

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Jerrod Brown, Ph.D. presents a live virtual professional training program on Trauma-Informed Telehealth. This badge-earning program can be shared digitally on platforms like LinkedIn or your resume and counts towards a certificate. Enroll in this program to earn credit towards the Integrated Behavioral Health Certificate and share your new digital credentials with prospective employers and colleagues.

Trauma-Informed Telehealth is a fast-developing type of telehealth that uses the power of technology to help victims of trauma get the care they need. The trauma-informed telehealth model is based on the idea that treating trauma is a multidimensional experience that includes personal, social, psychological, and spiritual components. This model recognizes that different victims experience trauma in different ways and that each person’s experience must be accounted for when implementing trauma-informed care.

There are various trauma-informed telehealth approaches effective in helping clients recover from the effects of trauma. Telecoaching, telepsychoeducation, teleconsultation, and telehealth services can all be used to provide psychosocial and medical support to individuals who are experiencing trauma. Telehealth can be especially useful for individuals who have difficulty accessing conventional medical care or who live in remote areas.

This training is designed for professionals interested in learning about the benefits of using trauma-informed telehealth approaches with behavioral health populations.

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