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Supervision of Forensic Psychological Evaluations

March 23rd | 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST

4 Hours

$200 Registration.

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A.J McConnell, PsyD & Amanda Conn, PsyD present a live professional training program on the Supervision of Forensic Psychological Evaluations in partnership with the American Academy of Forensic Psychology (AAFP).

Supervision is an essential task for psychologists to ensure the professional standards of practice are maintained in forensic settings. Most forensic psychologists have not received formal training in supervision and instead rely on personal experience to help guide them as supervisors. This creates a risk for both a supervisor and supervisee striving to complete forensic psychological evaluations in an ethical, safe, and effective manner.

This program highlights the need for a conceptual foundation on evidence-based models of supervision along with practical guidance to help supervisors build competency in this important area of practice. Special attention will also be given to meeting the ethical and legal requirements of supervision. This program is ideal for forensic psychologists at all career levels that are responsible for supervising practicum students, predoctoral interns, post-doctoral fellows, and others. Supervisees will also benefit from this training as it may help them navigate their training experiences as well as prepare them for a future role as a supervisor.

This program will examine relevant risk assessment tools, their application and limitation, recidivism base rate, report writing, and cognitive biases impacting overall opinions.

Topics covered include:

  • Ethics and Legal factors
  • Relevant Risk Assessment Instruments/Tools
  • Culture and Gender Differences
  • Overall limitations of the Assessment Process
  • Cognitive Biases

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