Webinar: Somatic Psychology with Karen Roller, Ph.D., MFT

Thursday, January 23, 2014 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm


PowerPoint Presentation from the Webinar

Karen Roller, Ph.D., MFT

Karen Roller, Ph.D., MFT

Somatic Psychology may be described as the study of the embodied soul; how is life lived through the experience of our soft animal body, and the mind that makes meaning of that experience?  While drawing on advances in neuroscience and traumatology, somatic psychology seeks to honor the phenomenological realization of moment-to-moment sensory awareness within the self and relationships, thus increasing the quality of one’s life. Somatic psychology embraces the wholeness of our body-based journey, from pre-and-peri-natal psychology, to psychospiritual embodiment practices, from healing touch, to trauma resolution. As in all fields of psychology, its loftiest aim is to liberate oppressed people from suffering.

About the Speaker:

Karen Roller, Ph.D., MFT, is a somatic psychotherapist oriented from the attachment and trauma resolution* perspective. She has served the foster care and migrant community of Santa Cruz County for the last 15 years; prior to that, she worked in autism recovery and juvenile detention diversion programs.  She utilizes Energy Psychology interventions in her sessions and researches energy medicine modalities; her dissertation is titled, “A Quantitative Study of Deeksha’s Effects on Anxiety and Body Awareness”. She is currently in private practice integrating bio- and neurofeedback for self-referring clients while launching a psychoeducational website for attachment parenting. Karen has taught graduate therapy students in small institutions and trained collateral professionals in a variety of settings.

*Attachment-based trauma resolution as an evidence-based practice is drawn from the work of Mary Ainsworth; Amini, Lannon and Lewis; Susan Aposhyan; John Bowlby; Christine Caldwell; Ray Castellino; Richard Davidson; Diane Fosha; Mary Main; Wendy Anne McCarthy; Andy Newberg; Peter Levine; Bruce Perry; Wilhelm Reich; Allan Schore; Charlotte Selver; Judyth Weaver; Thomas Verney and others.  Integrating a variety of somatic psychology modalities with pre-and perinatal psychology theory, attachment-based trauma resolution addresses the biopsychosocial needs of the human from conception forward, with the end goal of earned secure attachment for those suffering with insecure attachment.

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