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LIVE: Understanding Intimate Partner Abuse: Current Models, Theory, and Research

May 30, 2024 | 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Pacific

5 Hours | 5 CEs
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John Hamel, PhD, LCSW, presents this live professional training program on Understanding Intimate Partner Abuse: Current Models, Theory, and Research.

Intimate partner abuse, often referred to as domestic violence or intimate partner violence (IPV), is a complex, often misunderstood phenomena that impacts both men and women. Children in households where IPV occurs can be affected emotionally, psychologically, and physically, and these effects can have significant implications for their development and well-being. This program will provide an overview of current research literature and models that highlight the effects of IPV on victims and children and clarify the strengths and liabilities of current intervention policies.

This program is intended for mental health professionals who are already grounded in the basics of counseling and therapy. Ideal participants include those with at least one year of clinical experience under supervision. This program is applicable to a wide range of work environments, recognizing that the skills in detecting intimate partner abuse are essential in diverse settings. Including those practicing in a private clinic, contributing to a community center, or part of a government agency, this program will enrich your expertise. The primary focus here is on enhancing treatment techniques, with less emphasis on policy aspects.

The program includes traditional lectures. Participants will receive a copy of the handouts and case studies for discussion in breakout rooms. Dr. Hamel will have several question-and-answer sessions formatted to enhance understanding of the material.

Topics covered include:

  • Current models and research literature
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Intimate partner abuse and its effects on children

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Programs in this series include:

  1. Understanding Intimate Partner Abuse: Current Models, Theory, and Research
  2. Evidence-Based Practices in Partner Abuse Treatment: Assessment and Working with Victims
  3. Advanced Strategies in Partner Abuse Interventions: Working with Perpetrators, the Systems Perspective, and Family Interventions

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