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Development of self and mind: a comparison of Buddhist and Western Psychology

June 14, 2023 | 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Pacific

2 Hours

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The live professional training program on Development of self and mind: a comparison of Buddhist and Western Psychology is presented by Mark D. Stauffer, PhD.

Buddhism and Western psychology have a long and shared history that began with the founders of the two disciplines. Buddhism is founded on the belief that there is an eternal, all-encompassing, and universal consciousness which is the basis of all existence. This consciousness is also known as 'th' and is the source of all suffering. To address this suffering, Buddhism has developed a psychological and philosophical emphasis on th', emphasizing the interrelationship between mind and body, self and others, and the importance of mindfulness and peaceful reflection.

Although the overall approach to problems and solutions in Buddhism and Western psychology may be different, some fundamental principles are shared by both disciplines. These principles include the importance of understanding the individual and their personal experience, the need for mindful and active engagement with the world around them, and the need to find ways to reduce suffering.

The integration of Buddhism and Western psychology has positively impacted both disciplines. There is now a greater understanding of how the two disciplines can work together and how they can provide individuals with the tools they need to cope with modern life.

Eastern traditions have historically rich philosophical and psychological tenet systems related to mental health and development. Mindfulness and meditation practices have been adopted in Western counseling and psychotherapy without much of the traditional process for examining the nature of self and mind.

This program unpacks the Buddhist psychological and philosophical emphasis on the direct experience of self and "mind" and what that potentially holds for clinicians.

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