Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Among Health Care Workers Reach Crisis Proportions

Thursday, March 18, 2021 - 12:00pm

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Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Among Health Care Workers Reach Crisis Proportions - An Inside Look at This Complex Societal Challenge

Never before has the issue of worker burnout and compassion fatigue exacted such a toll on physicians, mental health care professionals, and other health care providers. Moderated by USA Today Breaking News Reporter, Jorge Ortiz, this expert panel features a physician who suffered from burnout and now treats burnout as a psychotherapist and teaches resiliency skills to physicians, a psychologist, and a counseling professor. Together they will address physician burnout and compassion fatigue – important issues that have long existed but have only recently taken center stage due to the pandemic. 

This panel discussion is part of Palo Alto University's "At the Forefront Mental Health" series and takes place March 18, 2021, from 12-1:15 p.m. Panelists will discuss the causes and complex challenges compassion fatigue and burnout impose on health care workers and their families and how Covid-19 is pushing this long-time problem to new crisis proportions. Prevention strategies and how to address this issue will also be covered. The panelists are:

  • Matthew Cordova, Ph.D. - Clinical psychologist, Palo Alto University professor and co-director of the university's Early Intervention Clinic.  
  • Christophe Gimmler, M.D. - Assistant Professor of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, practicing psychotherapist and founder of Resilience in Healthcare.
  • Karen Roller, Ph.D., MFT - Palo Alto University faculty member, clinical traumatologist, and compassion fatigue therapist.

Doctors Cordova and Gimmler are co-authors of a recent paper published by the Mayo Clinic Proceedings on the subject of preventing physician burnout.  

This program is open to the general public, as well as clinicians, and our many community partners. One free CE credit is available (see below).

About the Presenters:

Matthew Cordova, Ph.D. - Head of the Palo Alto University Early Intervention Clinic. His recent paper was published in the Mayo Clinic proceedings on the subject of preventing Physician Burnout 



Christophe Gimmler is an M.D. at Stanford University School of Medicine and the Palo Alto VA.  Dr. Gimmler was a physician at the Mayo Clinic who suffered physician burnout, received further training and now practices as a community psychotherapist specializing in medical professionals.  He and Dr. Matthew Cordova co-authored the Mayo Clinic publication on Physician Burnout.

Karen Roller, Ph.D., MFT - Clinical Traumatologist and Compassion Fatigue Therapist who works with immigrants and under-served populations.  Dr. Roller is a PAU faculty member whose research focuses on trauma assessment and resolution and Compassion Fatigue prevention.


CE Credit Information - One CE credit is offered for attending this event. An evaluation link will be sent through the chat function during the webinar. Once the evaluation is completed, download and save the certificate as a PDF for your records.

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