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Basic Diagnosis and Assessment of Maternal Mental Illness in the Forensic Arena

January 24, 2024 | 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Pacific

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Diana Lynn Barnes, PsyD, and Gina Wong, PhD present live professional training program Basic Diagnosis and Assessment of Maternal Mental Illness in the Forensic Arena. This is the first program in the Maternal Mental Health and Its Application to Forensics: Training the Expert Witness series.

Women are exceptionally vulnerable to psychiatric illness during the childbearing years, with more hospitalizations over this period than at any other time during the female life cycle. Because maternal depression looks characteristically different from what is generally understood about the major depressive disorder, it is often misdiagnosed or ineffectively treated.

This introductory program is designed for mental health professionals from various disciplines preparing to work, or those already working in forensic settings. A broad understanding of this specialized area of forensics within the context of current research and a scientific understanding of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are provided. This foundational program prepares professionals for assessment and diagnosis as well as a deeper understanding of serious maternal mental illness with a special emphasis on its connection to filicide.

The clinical presentation of the wide range of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are addressed along with the factors that elevate risk. This program enhances understanding of the diagnostic tools generally used in assessment and diagnosis. Sociocultural attitudes and global perspectives on criminal charges and sentencing decisions are discussed. Case examples are used to highlight didactic material.

The information obtained for use in this program is evidence-based, empirically supported, and widely accepted as general practice in the field of maternal mental illness. Education around assessment and diagnosis is foundational in addressing the intersection between maternal mental illness and the criminal justice system.

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