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Advanced Issues in Maternal Mental Health Forensics

March 20, 2024 | 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific

$200 Registration | $150 Early Registration (through 3/13)

Diana Lynn Barnes, PsyD, and Gina Wong, PhD present live virtual professional training program Advanced Issues in Maternal Mental Health Forensics. This is the third program in the Maternal mental Health and Its Application to Forensics: Training the Expert Witness series.

Designed for professionals interested in advancing their understanding of psycho-legal issues pertaining to maternal mental illness, this program provides a nuanced understanding of relevant issues in forensic settings, utilizing actual cases.

This interdisciplinary program addresses a range of topics, including altruistic filicide, pseudocyesis, paternal filicide, and unperceived pregnancies (pregnancy denial), as well as child abuse and neglect leading to injury or the death of a child. The role of complex and developmental trauma and its neurobiological impact on maternal mental illness is also addressed.

The program content focuses on advanced issues in maternal mental health forensics as they relate to practice, education, and research. Augmented by real case examples and the instructors' combined breadth of experience as forensic expert witnesses, this training provides a nuanced understanding of maternal filicide and other crimes perpetrated by mothers in the throes of mental illness.

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