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Emergency Notification System

The PAU IT Department would like to introduce OmniAlert Emergency Notification System


What is OmniAlert?

PAU OminAlert notification system provides PAU faculty, staff, and students with timely emergency and weather closing notifications. This is an "OPT-IN" service as you must create your own account and enter your contact information in order to receive notifications.
PAU OmniAlert Delivers messages via SMS (text message to your cell phone) and e-mail when you enroll. You may enter any number of contact numbers/email addresses where you wish to receive notifications. Sign up is quick and easy, and your information will only be used for notification via PAU OmniAlert. You will not be spammed, and PAU will not use this system for “routine reminders” (such as registration deadlines, etc.) PAU's OmniAlert will be used exclusively for emergency and weather/campus closing messages.
To receive notifications via SMS text messages to your mobile phone, you must have text messaging enabled on that, but if you do not have text messaging, you may still receive e-mail and voice phone messages; just enroll and enter your desired e-mail address(es) and phone number(s) in your account. If you are not sure whether you have SMS text messaging on your mobile phone, please consult your mobile carrier for information on that.

How to sign up:

Login to your PAU onelogin account as Once you successfully login you should see the OmniAlert application. 
Click on the application, After creating your account you will need to validate your SMS and Email addresses. Follow the instructions to ensure your account is activated.

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Click on the groups tab to subscribe for optional updates.

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Once validated you will begin receiving notifications from PAU Omnialert. If you need additional information please contact or visit OmniAlert faq site.