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PAU Alum Victoria Guinn

Master of Science in Psychology

My time in the MS program at PAU was an experience that allowed me to rediscover my passion for psychology. I entered the program looking to learn more about clinical psychology and connect with neuropsychology labs to help me determine if a PhD or PsyD program was right for my goals. I experienced a tremendous amount of personal growth during the program that allowed me to confidently transition into the PhD program.

In addition to my classes, I used paid positions including a full-time job as a psychometrician on clinical trial for Alzheimer’s disease, a teaching assistant for Research Methods and Statistics, a member of the DEI Admissions Committee, and as a student assistant in the eClinic at PAU, to compliment my learning. As a student assistant in the eClinic, I work closely with faculty to maintain and further develop digital and tele-mental health education and training at PAU. This experience taught me about collaboration and clinical practice development, further informing which doctoral program I would pursue.

During my time in the MS, I volunteered in a research lab and had an opportunity to present as first author at APA 2021. I developed strong professional relationships with faculty and students. Importantly, each one of my classes educated me about and reinforced the importance culturally humility in clinical care. All these aspects gave me the confidence to apply to the PhD program at PAU.