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Organization of Child and Adolescent Psychology (OCAP)

President: Kimberly Blears
Vice President: Erin Furay
Secretary/Treasurer: Casey McGinnis
CAFE Chronicle Editor and Web Master: Taylor Stephens
Event Coordinator: Mercedes Palacios
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Friedberg

OCAP*, the Organization of Child and Adolescent Psychology*, is an organization of students (PhD, PsyD, Masters, and Undergraduate) interested in working with children, adolescents, and families. As a group, we coordinate workshops, speaker events, and volunteer opportunities related to working with children, adolescents, and families. Some volunteer opportunities include: leading events with children at shelters, sponsoring book drives, story-time readings at local libraries, and conducting workshops for parents. We also attend relevant conferences in the area together and host social events to get to know other students with similar interests or share ideas. Please send a message to OCAP ( to get more information about our organization, find out about upcoming opportunities, participate in events, and more!

*OCAP was formerly known as Association of Child and Family Emphasis (CAFE)

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