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Master's Degree in Psychology Online

 The Palo Alto University masters in psychology program prepares students for doctoral studies in clinical psychology.

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With more than 17 years of online teaching experience, Palo Alto University offers an innovative and highly structured part-time, two-year master's degree in psychology that that can be undertaken as a degree to improve career opportunities or as a potential bridge to apply for a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. The PAU M.S. Psychology program is ranked among the Top 20 Online Master’s in Psychology programs by the non-profit organization, GoGrad, which ranks non-profit online programs based on academic quality and affordability, among other criteria.

In this program, students have the opportunity to demonstrate -- to PAU and to themselves -- that they have the ability to handle doctoral-level work at PAU. Upon completing the M.S. Psychology program, students are fully prepared for Ph.D. studies or for career advancement in fields that require social science research capability and an understanding of human behavior.

  • Study part-time and continue working.
  • Gain knowledge for career advancement in the field of psychology, research assisting, publishing and content design, education and curriculum development, or business.
  • Begin pursuing a doctoral degree without relocating.
  • Lay the foundation for a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with the confidence that the M.S. credits can all transfer to Palo Alto University's Ph.D. program.
  • Achieve cost savings for the first year of a Ph.D. program through lower tuition, not having to relocate, and the ability to continue earning an income.
  • Work with accomplished professors who have many years of academic experience.

Why Choose This Program?

  • In-depth knowledge of human factors offered by the coursework in this program can help students achieve success in many career paths, including combining psychology and technology, understanding human interactions, and entering the clinical psychology profession.  In addition to offering career advancement opportunities, students who do well in the M.S. Psychology program have the opportunity to be admitted to the Palo Alto University Ph.D. program, which is an on-campus program. One of the greatest benefits of this M.S. program is the cost savings students can achieve by completing 44 units online before relocating to Palo Alto. Students in this program are well on their way to a Ph.D. knowing that they can master doctoral level course material before incurring relocation costs. 


  • This program is designed so that students can continue working full- or part-time before graduation or until transitioning to the Ph.D. program. This gives working students two years to invest in improving their current career opportunities or acquire income before becoming a full-time doctoral student.  All coursework is delivered online and can be completed evenings and weekends. Students travel to the Palo Alto campus once during the program for a one-week clinical interviewing course during summer quarter of the first year.

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