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Palo Alto University will not be enrolling any students into the Business Psychology program for the fall 2021 term.

Business Major for College Transfer Students


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The BS Business Psychology program features a two-year, upper division, undergraduate curriculum for transfer students. It is designed to provide a strong foundation in business and to integrate core psychological principles throughout. Each quarter, students take a mix of business and psychology classes.

Guaranteed Classes

Class space is guaranteed, and PAU students are never frozen out of classes or placed on wait lists. 

BS Business Psychology Curriculum

The goal of the curriculum is to produce graduates who have the ability to apply the science of human behavior to practical business problems.

Students learn to apply theories in psychology to business challenges, such as employee motivation, sales and marketing, consumer behavior and human resource management. They learn to analyze business problems through the lens of psychology and to develop effective solutions.

General Education Requirements

Most students complete these requirements prior to enrolling.

Area 1-A: English Language Minimum of 3 semester units or 4 quarter units
Area A-2: Critical Thinking Minimum of 3 semester units or 4 quarter units
Area A-3: Communication Minimum of 3 semester units or 4 quarter units
Area B-1: Physical Science Minimum of 3 semester units or 4 quarter units
Area B-2: Life Science Minimum of 3 semester units or 4 quarter units
Area C: Arts and Humanities Minimum of 9 semester units or 12 quarter units; Select courses in at least two disciplines
Area D: Social Sciences Minimum of 9 semester units or 12 quarter units; Select courses in at least two disciplines
Area E: Human Understanding and Development Minimum of 3 semester units or 4 quarter units
Mathematics Minimum of 3 semester units or 4 quarter units; College Algebra (non-remedial) or higher
Major Requirements (92 Units)

Core Course Requirements

(all courses, 56 units)
BUSI302 Business Writing Fundamentals 4
BUSI303 Business Communication 4
BUSI309 Organizational Behavior 4
BUSI310 Employee Motivation and Satisfaction 4
BUSI320 Fundamentals of Management 4
BUSI340 Human Resource Management 4
BUSI381 Career Planning and Development 4
BUSI383 Introduction to Marketing 4
BUSI395 Fundamental of Accounting and Finance 4
BUSI405 Information Technology Management 4
BUSI406 Senior Seminar 4
BUSI412 Corporate Accounting and Finance 4
BUSI430 Business Ethics 4
MATH325 Research Methods & Data Analysis or PSYC 360

Research Design and Methods
Non-Core Course Requirements (choose from courses below to complete 36 units)
BUSI410 Consumer Behavior Analysis 4
ANTH351 Multicultural Studies

-or- ANTH350 Cultural Anthropology

-or- ANTH 370 Ethnic Identity & Social Stratification

-or- SOC 300 Social Problems
ECON400 Global Economics

-or- POLI310 International Political Economy
PSYC320 Social Psychology 4
PSYC325 Psychology of Leadership and Team Development 4
PSYC331 Theories of Personality and Assessment

-or- PSYC330 Theories of Personality
PSYC365 History of Psychology 4
PSYC440 Human Behavior& Interpersonal Effectiveness 4
PSYC381 Developmental Psychology

-or- PSYC380 Psychology of LifeSpan Development
MGMT400 Strategic Management & Negotiation 4
BUSI490 Senior Internship (must complete 2 consecutive quarters of internship; 8 units) 8
Special Topics in Psychology  4

Senior Seminar

The Senior Seminar is a capstone course offered during the last quarter of the program. The course is adapted each year to reflect current business trends and issues. The course helps students integrate the principal theories and concepts of the program and to demonstrate the skills they will be applying in their careers following graduation.

Business Psychology Hybrid Program Sample Schedule

Fall Year 1    
Research Methods and Data Analysis Monday 6:00 - 9:30 pm
Business Writing Fundamentals Online Online
Fundamentals of Management Online Online
Winter Year 1    
Business Communication Monday 6:00 - 9:30 pm
Organizational Behavior Online Online
Social Psychology Online Online
Spring Year 1    
Introduction to Marketing Monday 6:00 - 9:30 pm
Multicultural Studies Online Online
Theories of Personality and Assessment Online Online
Summer Year 1    
Human Resource Management Monday 6:00 - 10:00 pm
Employee Motivation and Satisfaction Online Online
History of Psychology Online Online
Fall Year 2    
Information Technology Management Tuesday 6:00 - 9:30 pm
Career Planning and Development Online Online
Human Behavior & Interpersonal Effectiveness Online Online
Winter Year 2    
Psychology of Leadership & Team Development Tuesday 6:00 - 9:30 pm
Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance Online Online
Consumer Behavior Analysis Online Online
Spring Year 2    
Corporate Accounting and Finance Tuesday 6:00 - 9:30 pm
Business Ethics Online Online
Option 2: Senior Internship Online Online
Summer Year 2    
Senior Seminar Tuesday 6:00 - 10:00 pm
Option 1: Senior Internship Online Online


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