Satoko Kimpara, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor (courtesy), Clinical Supervisor, & Director of Systematic Treatment Selection (STS) Clinical Training 
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(Past Two Years)
Kimpara, S. & Tsuda, A. (2017, Presentation) Systematic Treatment Selection: 
Pilot Project of Japanese Online Training. The Association of Japanese 
Clinical Psychology Annual Convention, Yokohama, November 18-21.
Kimpara, S. (2017, Workshop). Systematic Treatment Selection (STS) 8 
Principle Therapist Training. Japanese Psychological Association Annual 
Meeting, Kurume, September 20-22.
Kimpara, S. (2017, Presentation). The Center for Addiction Recovery and 
Empowerment (CARE): A grass root effort to develop a problem gambling 
treatment program. Japanese Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Kurume, 
September 20-22.
Kimpara, S. (2017 MC of the invited speaker). Transforming Cultural Wisdom to 
Objective Knowledge: An Epistemological Approach. presented by Hwang 
(Professor, Taiwan National University). Japanese Psychological Association 
Annual Meeting, Kurume, September 20-22.
Kimpara, S., Tsuda, A., & Beutler, L E. (2017, Poster). Cross-cultural 
evaluation of Systematic Treatment Selection (STS) Online Training Program in 
Japan American Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Washington DC, USA, 
August 3-6.
Kimpara, S. (2017, Invited Workshop). Systematic Treatment Selection: 8 
Evidence-based principles. The 16th Japanese Stress Management Conference, 
University of Hokkaido, Hokkaido, July 30-31.
Kimpara, S. (2017, Poster). Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (8 Weeks): 
Cross-Cultural Intervention and Outcome. The 16th Japanese Stress Management 
Conference, University of Hokkaido, Hokkaido, July 30-31.
Kimpara, S. & Beutler L. E. (2017, Presentation). Integration Model of STS 
Training. International Society for Psychotherapy Research, Toronto, Canada, 
June 22-25.
Kimpara, S. & Beutler L. E. (2017, Presentation). Cross-cultural Evaluation 
for Online Training Program of Systematic Treatment Selection (STS) Eight 
Principle Training in Japan. International Society for Psychotherapy 
Research, Toronto, Canada, June 22-25.
Kimpara, S. (2016, International Committee sponsored Symposium/Discussant). 
Recent Advances in Health Psychology. Annual Japanese Health Psychology 
Meeting, Okayama University, Japan, November 19-20.
Kimpara, S. & Tsuda, A (2016, Poster). Preparedness of Clinical Training for 
Clinical Health Psychologist and Clinical Psychologist using Systematic 
Treatment Selection. Annual Japanese Health Psychology Meeting, Okayama 
University, Japan, November 19-20.
Kimpara, S. (2016, Poster). Mindfulness-Based Stress Reductions (8 Weeks) 
Class for Japanese participants. Annual Japanese Stress Management Meeting, 
Beppu University, Oita, Japan, July, 30-31.
Kimpara, S. (2016 Invited Symposium, Organizer/Presenter). Efficacy of 
Supervision Training of Systematic Treatment Selection (STS) Eight 
Evidence-Based Principles. The 31st, International Congress of Psychology, 
Yokohama, July 25-29.
Kimpara, S., Wong, J., Chau, K., & Anh, Thuy (2016, Presentation). Problems 
Gambling among High School Students in Greater, San Jose, California. The 
31st, International Congress of Psychology, Yokohama, July 25-29.
Kimpara, S. (2016, Invited Symposium, Presentation). Innovative and 
Responsive Health/Clinical Assessment/Interventions for Stigmatized Mental 
Health Conditions among Japan, Taiwan, and North America. The 31st, 
International Congress of Psychology, Yokohama, July 25-29.
Kimpara, S. (2016, Presentation). Health Promoting and Innovative Strategies 
for Older Adult Resilience. The 31st, International Congress of Psychology, 
Yokohama, July 25-29.
Kimpara, S. Beutler, L. E. & Stein, M. (2016, Poster). Evidence-Based 
Practice: Systematics Treatment Selection Eight Evidence-Based Principles. 
Asian Health Congress of Psychology, Yokohama, July 24-26.
Kimpara, S. (2016 Chair of the forum). Psychological Resilience, Wellbeing, 
and Life-skills. Asian Health Congress of Psychology. Asian Health Congress 
of Psychology, Yokohama, July 24-26. 
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Selected Publications: 
(Past Three Years)
Kimpara, S. Beutler, L.E., Edward, C. & Miller, K. (In Process) Coping 
Styles. In J.Norcross & J. Wampold (Eds), Psychotherapy Relationship That 
Works (3rd Volume). NY: Oxford University Press.
Kimpara, S. Lenore, S., Beutler, L. E. (2017). Resistance/Reactance. In V. 
Zegler-Hill, and T. K. Shackelford (Eds), Encyclopedia of Personality and 
Individual Differences. New York, NY: Springer Publisher.
Kimpara, S., & Aoki, K. (2017). Psychological Support for Human Development: 
how to grow clinical psychologists who can increase optimal client outcome. 
Miyazaki International College Kenkyukiyo.
Kimpara, S. (2017). Interview with Dr. Larry E. Beutler: Why it is important 
to tailor treatments for individual dispositional factors. Japanese Clinical 
Psychology, Newsletter, March.
Bussolari, C., Habrth, J., Kimpara, S, Katz, R., Carlos, F., Chow, A, Osada, 
H., Osada, Y., Carmack, B. J., Field, N. P., Packman, W. (2017). 
Posttraumatic Growth Following the Loss of a Pet: A Cross-Cultural Comparison 
Among North America, Canada, Hong Kong, and Japan. Journal of Death and 
Dying, 1-19.
Kimpara, S., Henderson, L., Tsuda, A. & Beutler, L. E. (2016). Shyness and 
systematic treatment selection: positive treatment outcomes in relation to 
internalizing coping styles and feelings of shame, and guilt. Miyazaki 
International College Kenkyukiyo.
Kimpara, S., Holt, H., & Beutler, L. E. (2016). Client, therapist, and 
treatment variables Client-therapist “matching.” In S. Maltizman, (Ed), 
the Oxford Handbook of Treatment Processes and Outcomes: A Multidisciplinary, 
Biopsychosocial Approach, pp 157-182. NY: Oxford University Press.
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appropriate treatment to each patient. International Journal of Clinical 
Health Psychology, 1, 99-108.
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Temkin, R., & Stein, M. (2015). Evidence-based Supervision: Tracking Outcome 
and Teaching Principles of Change in Clinical Supervision to Bring Science to 
Integrative Practice. Psychotherapy, 52(2):185-9.
Kimpara, S., & Beutler, L. E. (2015). Japan-USA Cross-National Exchange- 
Psycho-Social Mental Health Interventions for Survivors of Mass Disaster. 
Journal of Japanese Stress Management, 11(1), 1-6.
Kimpara, S., Edwards, C., & Beutler, L.E. (2015). Coping Strategies in the 
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Stein, M., N., Beutler, L. E., Kimpara, S., K., Hang, N., Somoeh, K., Edward, 
C. & Macias, S. The Impact of Cross-Cutting Factors, Principle-Based 
Supervisory Approach on Treatment Outcomes at a Psychology Training Clinic. 
Journal of Consulting Clinical Psychology.
(Book Preparation) 
Aoki, K., Kasai, M. Kimpara, S., Mori, M., & Machizawa, S. (In Preparation). 
Japanese Version of APA Clinical Psychology Dictionary. Tokyo: Fukumura 
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