Daniel J. Bunce, PhD

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PhD, Clinical Psychology, Duquesne University
MA, Psychology, Duquesne University
MA, Philosophy, Duquesne University
BA, Psychology and Philosophy, U.C. Santa Cruz


Dr. Bunce's background is in Continental Philosophy and its contributions to the field of Psychology. He specializes in hermeneutics, psychology as a human science, theories of embodiment, and qualitative research methods. Grounded in a phenomenological comprehension of the lived-body, Dr. Bunce's research and publications attempt to clarify the meaning of limb loss, physical disability, and the nature and significance of prosthetic rehabilitation. His research has specifically addressed how microprocessor-controlled prosthetic limbs facilitate psychological and physical adjustment to transfemoral amputations.

Dr. Bunce has been teaching in both the Philosophy and Psychology departments for the Foothill-De Anza Community College District since 1994. He also teaches the Philosophy of Science and Ethics course in the De Anza/PAU consortium.