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Winter and Spring Remote Operations

November 17, 2020

Dear PAU Community, As we head toward the final weeks of the Fall quarter, I wanted to thank you all for your incredible professionalism and dedication in keeping our students learning and our university operating. I am so aware of how much work is being done by all of you for PAU and for your own families andcommunities. I could not be prouder of our community! As predicted, the cold weather surge in COVID-19 cases is occurring; Santa Clara County hasmoved back into the more restrictive tier as of today. Given that, and given our need for certainty and for effective planning, we have decided to continue remote instruction, remote work at Gronowski, and remote staff (except for essential workers) through the Winter and Spring quarters.

  • As a reminder, our plans were developed through the lens of principles and values that:
  • Prioritized the health and safety of our students, our faculty, and our staff, to the greatestextent possible;
  • Prioritized the continuity toward degree and high-quality academic education for our studentswhile ensuring maintenance of accreditation requirements;
  • Fostered innovation and flexibility in our thinking and planning;
  • Strived for the highest quality in our graduate students’ clinical training, at Gronowski Centerand, in community settings; and,
  • Made the most responsibly efficient and optimal use of budgetary, facilities, and technologyresources to support the academic success of our students and faculty.

These principles continue to guide our ongoing decisions.

Overview of Updated Recommendations:

  • No changes to the academic calendar are being made at this time.
  • All classes that had been scheduled to be offered in-person on one of our campus locationswill be offered in a synchronous, on-line modality using pedagogy techniques designed toenhance the effectiveness of instruction;
  • The Gronowski Center will be fully operational. The Center will provide services through tele-therapy and other modalities that do not require in-person therapy that are in full compliancewith privacy and confidentiality considerations. Students will not be able to see clients at theLos AltosCampus due to the difficulties navigating the social distancing protocols required. Individual and group supervision will be provided in a synchronous ZOOM format.
  • The PAU Library will remain closed, but curbside pickup of library materials and pre-approved academic activitieswill be offered by appointment. 
  • Any on-campus activities, including needing to pick up or drop something at an office, must be pre-approved and scheduled by the head of your Division in coordination with the Facilities department to ensure safety and adherence to current guidelines. PAU Campus Safety Protocols must be observed at all times (see WEBSITE forspecifics about campus safety training and health screening).

With the changing nature of this situation, please be aware that additional changes and options might need to be considered. We will communicate any changes that become necessary, including opportunities for some hy-flex options once public health guidance would allow. Additionally, look for additional detail in your areas as necessary to assist in implementing these recommendations.Please send any suggestions or comments to Please take good care of yourselves as we finish a busy quarter, Maureen O’Connor