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Updated Guidance for Fall 2021, Aug 3

Dear PAU Community,

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we prepare for the 2021 Fall quarter. We had hoped that the state reopening would provide a clear path to our Fall planning, but the government guidance continues to shift and update as the pandemic continues. Nevertheless, we are pushing forward with slightly amended plans for Fall

Due to the aforementioned factors and because of our deep commitment to the health, safety of our PAU community, and taking into consideration the feedback from the PAU Students and Faculty, Fall instruction for our residential programs will be offered either as residential/hyflex (meaning course instruction is delivered both in-person on campus and online at the same time by the same faculty member) or fully virtual. While we are sure many of our students enrolled in our residential programs were hoping for a return to normalcy this Fall, by offering courses as either residential/hyflex or fully virtual we can honor our shared commitment to equity and inclusion and support those who cannot get vaccinated, or who need to keep themselves or loved ones safe by limiting their exposure and risk. For students enrolled in our online programs, your scheduled online courses will be offered as planned.

Requirement for COVID-19 Vaccination
To best support our reopening efforts, and based on the latest guidance from Santa Clara County, startingAugust 15, 2021, all PAU students, faculty, and staff will need to complete a Vaccine Attestation Form stating they are fully vaccinated in order to be on the premises of any PAU facility.

We are planning to reopen the Calvin and Los Altos campuses on September 1, 2021. At that time any person who is not fully vaccinated and wishes to be on a PAU facility will need to attest to not being in compliance and agree to public health guidelines to wear a mask and practice social distancing. Please be aware that with PAU’s small classroom sizes and limited ability to offer socially distanced options, the university will likely not be able to accommodate unvaccinated individuals in classrooms. Additionally, all community members visiting a PAU facility will continue to be required to complete a daily health screening survey prior to arrival on campus.

We continue to strongly encourage everyone in the PAU community to receive one of the COVID-19vaccines, assuming they are able to do so. As we have recently learned, given the prevalence of the virusand its variants, even full vaccination is no guarantee against either contracting COVID or spreading it to others. Every member of the community must assess their own risk.

Fall Quarter Academic Outlook
As faculty determine the course format for the Fall quarter, the learning modality of either residential/hyflex or fully virtual instruction will be communicated prior to the start of class.

Faculty and students are still encouraged to design and participate in additional on-campus, in-classroom activities where safe and appropriate in the form of academic, research, and instructional activities.

In the event we are required to go back into full or partial quarantine during the Fall quarter, we are still asking all faculty who are scheduled to teach on campus (residential/hyflex) to prepare their courses to be ready for online delivery.

Based on the latest guidance from Santa Clara County, starting August 3, 2021, all PAU students, faculty, and staff will need to wear a mask while indoors on a PAU facility. Prior to the start of fall quarter we will continue to monitor current county and state guidelines and plan to send additional communications.

Guidance and information about returning to campus is forthcoming from Academic Affairs, Facilities/Operations, Human Resources and Student Affairs.

We look forward to beginning a new academic year, as we continue to balance the health and safety of our community, while providing the very best academic and community experience. While we all wish we were living in a post-pandemic world, and that we could be fully back to normal operations at PAU, we are appreciative
of the amazing work that our community has done to stay strong and work together.

With PAU Pride,
President Maureen O'Connor & Provost Erika Cameron