Undergraduate Degrees in Psychology: College Transfer for Upper Division Coursework

Online and on-campus programs for college transfer students to complete their degree in two years.

Palo Alto University bachelor's degree in psychology transfer students on graduation day

Keep Your College Transfer Options Open

  • Affordable
  • Accredited
  • Classes Guaranteed
  • No Tuition Increases
  • Graduate in Two Years and Start Earning Sooner

Palo Alto University's undergraduate programs are designed for transfer students who wish to complete their psychology or business degree at an institution focused on psychology and the intersection of psychology and business. PAU enables students to complete their degree in just two years with guaranteed classes, online, on-campus or hybrid format options. In addition, tuition is never increased from enrollment through graduation.

Two Degree Options

Palo Alto University (PAU) provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to pursue a business psychology or a psychology and social action focus.

  • The B.S. Business Psychology program prepares students for business careers in any roles where knowledge of human behavior, motivation and group processes are advantagous. The program balances foundational studies in strategic business practices and psychology.
  • The B.S. Psychology and Social Action program emphasizes the application of psychological principles to social issues and social action. This degree opens the pathway to many career options in social service and community organizing as well as graduate studies for clinical careers or academic research.

10 Reasons to Choose PAU

  1. Online and on-campus options. Degree programs are offered in online and traditional classroom formats with day and evening options. All online programs include regularly scheduled live-streamed classes.
  2. Transfer-friendly. Programs are designed for transfer students who have completed the first two years of a community college or university program. Transfer requirements are the same as those of the California State University (CSU) general education requirements.
  3. Low-stress admission process. The application process is simple. Just talk to a member of the PAU admissions team, and they will guide you through PAU's straightforward application process.
  4. Small class sizes. The student/faculty ratio is 17 to 1. Faculty are easily accessible, and academic advising is regularly offered from before enrollment through graduation.
  5. No tuition increases. The tuition for the PAU Bachelor degree programs is one of the least expensive of any private university in the Bay Area. And PAU's Tuition stabilization policy means tuition is never increased for enrolled students.
  6. Guaranteed classes. Enrollment in all classes is guaranteed.
  7. Two-years to graduation. The curriculum is planned so students can graduate in two years. 80% of PAU undergraduates complete their degree in 1.8 years.
  8. Grants, scholarships and financial aid. 56% of PAU undergraduates receive a federal Pell grant; 11% receive a CalGrant, and 50% receive a PAU scholarship. Financial aid is available to all eligible students.
  9. Focus on the intersection of business and psychology. PAU immerses students in an educational community focused on the behavioral and social sciences. Faculty come from diverse professional backgrounds in psychology, business and the social sciences. Many are active professionally in their areas of expertise, including clinical psychology, consulting, human resources, management, etc.
  10. Accreditation. PAU's undergraduate degrees are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.