Kristel Nazzal, PhD



Senior Director of Strategy and Community Engagement

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Dr. Kristel Nazzal is the Director of Faculty Learning & Instructional Development with Palo Alto University (PAU), a department focused on training and enhancing evidence-based teaching practices among university faculty and graduate students. Dr. Nazzal participates in several university-based diversity initiatives, supporting PAU's "Unwavering Commitment to Diversity and Improving the Human Condition." Dr. Nazzal is an adjunct professor, teaching residentially and online with PAU's graduate programs, with a teaching focus towards understanding diverse and underserved populations. Dr. Nazzal was previously the Associate Director of Masters of Science in Psychology.

Dr. Nazzal earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology from PAU with an emphasis in Diversity and Community Mental Health. She received a scholarship from the California Department of Mental Health for her dedication to diverse and underrepresented communities. Dr. Nazzal completed her APA pre-doctoral internship in a community mental health agency serving older adults in Southern California; she completed her post-doctoral fellowship at the same agency. She specializes in mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, and pain psychology, and has primarily served disenfranchised populations. Dr. Nazzal's research centers on increasing inclusivity and enhancing well-being of underrepresented communities.

Dr. Kristel Nazzal graduated with an International Business degree from the University of San Francisco. She has experience working in both profit and non-profit sectors and has done work domestically and internationally. The majority of Dr. Nazzal's business experience is in Human Resources; she has worked in various capacities including learning and development, employee relations, recruitment, training, HR operations, and workforce analytics. Additionally, she has extensive project and program management experience.

Supporting people’s development energizes Dr. Nazzal; she is passionate about helping people succeed in diverse and ever-evolving environments.