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Froming, William, Ph.D.

William Froming
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Dr. William Froming has been interested in using a combination of online education and on the ground practice to train mental health professionals around the world.  He founded PAU's program in Global Advancement of Counseling Excellence (GACE).  The program trains master's level counselors in China and is expanding to other countries.  It addresses a severe shortage of mental health professionals in many countries around the world.  He is also helping to shape PAU's initiative in Global Mental Health of which GACE is a key component.

Dr. Froming's background is in personality and social psychology. He focuses primarily on social development and the process by which social norms are internalized by children. This is thought of as the development of self-regulation. He is also interested in genocide and the common features shared by genocides of the 20th century. He has studied the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide, interviewed survivors, and taught and written on the topic.

Dr. Froming taught for eleven years in the University of Florida Psychology Department following undergraduate work at the U of Wisconsin, Madison and a Ph.D. from the U of Texas, Austin. He was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford in 1986. He has also taught for the U of New Orleans in Innsbruck, Austria and at the National University in Butare, Rwanda. He has been at PAU since 1988. In addition to his faculty role he has served in a number of administrative positions including Chief Academic Officer, Faculty Chair, and Director of the Distance Learning program. He holds PAU's Nancy Black Cozzens Chair in Psychology.

Teaching and/or Research Emphasis and Interest Areas:

Public and Private Aspects of the Self; The Development of Self-Regulation

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The Parallels between the Holocaust and Genocide in Rwanda

In his lecture, "Comparative Genocide and Social Psychology," Dr. Bill Froming delivers a compelling review of the social psychological factors that contributed to the Nazi Party's political success. The use of propaganda is highlighted and demonstrated through a video created in the 1940's, which appears to use propaganda to equate human beings with insects. Dr. Froming then shifts the focus of the lecture to the Rwandan genocide, and draws parallels between the uses of propaganda in the Holocaust and the genocide in Rwanda.

Learn more in the Comparative Genocide and Social Psychology and view the presentation slides



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