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Daniels, Denise, Ph.D.

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Denise Daniels, Ph.D. is Vice President of Enrollment Management at Palo Alto University. Her career has spanned both online and blended education in the fields of developmental psychology, business psychology, personality psychology, educational psychology, and behavioral health. Daniels holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley, and her M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Following the completion of her doctorate she conducted four years of postdoctoral research on personality development and risk and resistance factors in the development of chronic illness at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University Medical Center. Daniels then transitioned from academia to applied psychology and online learning.

As an education administrator, Daniels expertise is in large–scale evidenced based program development, information dissemination, and online education. Her work started in organizational and business psychology, management and leadership training, and process improvement programs for Oracle Corporation. This was during Oracle’s highest growth period when the company grew from 2,000 to 15,000 employees over a four-year period. What followed became a 20-year career in educational technology and distance learning. In 1992 Daniels joined Simon & Schuster Interactive and was part of a pioneering team to launch the first K-12 education network on the web in 1995. During her tenure at Simon & Schuster, she received the Gold Apple Award for the nation’s top online curriculum on adolescent life skills, self-esteem, body-mind connection, and family relationships. Daniels then turned to developing a higher education distance-learning platform for Kaplan University. The platform served both test prep, but also online courses in continuing education, certificates, and degree programs.

Returning to Stanford University Medical Center and the VA Health Care System’s Center for Health Care Evaluation, Daniels developed an online medical informatics application to educate primary care physicians in the management of chronic pain. Most recently, Daniels served on the ground-floor team at www.Education.com, the “WebMD” of education and child development. At Education.com she had the unique privilege of working with psychologists, pediatricians, school counselors, and educators across the nation to educate six million parents a month through evidence-based articles in developmental psychology, online Q&A forums, and today’s social media on the Internet. At Education.com, Daniels developed a Masters and Doctoral level Internship Program and taught and mentored over 70 interns.

Daniels brings her background in Silicon Valley marketing, technology implementation, process improvement and knowledge of psychology to the enrollment management function at Palo Alto University. As the need and desire for high quality education in psychology and counseling continues to grow both domestically and abroad, and more and more students work and require online education, Daniels hopes to bring the gift of a Palo Alto University Bachelor’s and Master's Degree to as many students as is possible.



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