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March, 13, 2020

Dear Faculty,

We are actively monitoring the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and making adjustments to campus operations as we deem appropriate.  On March 9, we made the decision to move all Winter Quarter classes online for the remainder of the term. Given that the situation is still unfolding and Spring Quarter classes are beginning in a few weeks, we have made the decision to keep Spring Quarter classes online for all PAU programs. We ask that you expect to continue in the online format for a minimum of at least the first five weeks of the quarter. At this time, all classes are to be held on their previously scheduled days and times. As the situation continues to unfold, and we have further information, we will provide updates to the campus community.  At this time, all campuses remain open for essential business. 

As this is a significant shift in teaching format for many of you, PAU has dedicated resources to support the temporary transition to online teaching and online learning. We appreciate faculty collaboration and efforts to ensure the least amount of disruption to the education of our students and the activities necessary to ensure this education. Please know that we are here to provide as much support as you need to be successful in this temporary transition and provide the following list of resources that are available. As always, if you have a need that cannot be addressed by either Academic Technology or the Center for Educational Excellence, please reach out to OAA at

Thank you for all you are doing on behalf of the university and the students. 


Office of Academic Affairs

Academic Technology & the Center for Educational Excellence (CEE) 

·       Commonly asked questions about moving to online classes: Virtual Teaching Library: Moving Classes Online.

·       For additional technical assistance managing Zoom and Canvas, please contact the Academic Technology team: Scott Hines ( and Glenn Saito (

·       For additional assistance with online pedagogy, including tips on how to actively engage students via Zoom, please contact the Director of CEE: Kristel Nazzal, Ph.D. (  

Academic Technology-Faculty Resources

·       FAQ-Check out the latest regarding second monitors for Zoom, Wifi /sound difficulties, and student laptop resources available:

·       PAU Top Canvas help topics and answers:

·       For any help with Zoom, Canvas, online exams, equipment, etc. please email any time!

All campus updates and resources related to the coronavirus can be found at