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Center for Educational Excellence (CEE)

The Center for Educational Excellence (CEE) supports Palo Alto University’s vision of providing excellent pedagogical support for its faculty, early career instructors, and students.

CEE strives to improve student learning outcomes and academic success of the overall university no matter the modality of learning.
President O’Connor, who has published on evidence-based teaching and taught “Teaching of Psychology” for many years to graduate students, has made it a top priority to provide cutting-edge professional development in pedagogy for our faculty and graduate students.


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Mission Statement

To provide resources and training in evidence-based teaching strategies for instructors at all stages of their career for excellence in education through an inclusive, student-centered, and active learning environment.


Are you currently a part of the PAU community? Email the CEE team at to ensure you receive all communication and event invitations!

Learning Programming

  • Pedagogy Workshops introduce pedagogy concepts through audience participation and active engagement.
  • Teaching Conference Annual Evidence-Based Teaching Conference is an annual, interactive conference with the goal of adding to teaching competencies across all levels of instruction.
  • Sponsorship Award is an annually awarded sponsorship to attend a teaching conference available to adjunct faculty and graduate students.

Professional Development Courses (available year-round)

  • Teaching Assistant (TA) Orientation is designed to ensure preparedness of TAs come the start of their first TA term.
  • Online Teaching Foundations was built in direct response to the global pandemic, providing strong foundations in online teaching.
  • Equity/Inclusion Pedagogy Course - coming soon!


  • Virtual Teaching Library is an internal resource filled with in-house and external teaching information and tools on an array of teaching topics such as course design, technology, and assessment.
  • Pedagogy in a Minute is a biweekly newsletter describing small teaching tips/strategies for the implementation of effective pedagogy.
  • Pedagogy in a Clip is a series of short training videos covering pedagogical strategies to incorporate into the classroom.
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  • Faculty Learning Community is a quarterly meeting in which faculty discuss educational topics overlaid over PAU’s specific needs and concerns. It is a space for open communication and collaboration to enhance a sense of community.
  • Consultations are available to all faculty for support in their teaching practice!
  • Quarterly Conversations are spaces dedicated to students interested in learning more about evidence-based teaching and learning. Students have the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with one another as a community.
  • Early Career Mentorship is available for students seeking one-on-one support for their path towards an academic and educational career.
  • Surveys and needs assessments distributed by CEE to the PAU community help to identify areas of growth and expansion.