About PAU Alumni Association

Palo Alto University Alumni Association

The PAU Alumni Association strengthens the bonds between alumni and the University by providing:

  • Continued benefits to alumni
  • Deepening interest and engagement in the University
  • The nurturing of lifelong relationships among current and future alumni

The PAU Alumni Association does not require membership fees or dues and welcomes all individuals who have matriculated in any PAU programs. The Alumni Association offers a variety of ways for alumni to benefit from and be engaged with the PAU community.

PAU Alumni Advisory Council

The PAU Alumni Advisory Council is the advisory committee of the alumni association. It is comprised of graduates who voluntarily serve a one-year term to support the efforts of the alumni association in developing and executing events that are engaging, beneficial, and enjoyable for our widely diverse alumni.

  • Serve as a liaison between PAU administration and its graduates
  • Provide current information to alumni about University news and events
  • Provide opportunities for alumni to mentor, interact socially and professionally
  • Engage alumni in current PAU events

If you are interested in participating in the PAU Alumni Council, please contact Alumni Relations.

Charles Reed, Ph.D., PGSP Founder & '88

Dr. Reed developed an academic college readiness program for returning Vietnam veterans with an intensive counseling component. He is a professor emeritus and was a founding member of the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (PGSP), now Palo Alto University. He also served as the first chairperson of the Board of PGSP and was the founder of a company that produced continuing education programs for psychologists aboard cruise ships. His current interests include biopsychosocial treatment programs for migraines and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Ronald B. Grant, Ph.D., '88

Dr. Grant is one of the founding members of the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (PGSP), now Palo Alto University. For 34 years, Dr. Grant practiced psychotherapy as a M.F.T. Dr. Grant’s clinical practice was focused on treating families with members who have learning disorders and/or major psychiatric disorders, pseudological fantistica, and men with cumulative stress disorders. He was certified by the State of California to practice clinical hypnosis. At Santa Clara University, he taught graduate students an experiential group therapy course. Dr. Grant was a Diplomate and Fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association and the author of The Co-Dependency Survey and The Grant Anxiety Scale. His dissertation topic studied the psychology of psychologists. He has an interest in the effects of institutions on individuals and groups, and therapeutic aspects of Nāgārjuna’s and Wittgensteins’s philosophy.