Palo Alto University Hero Spotlight: Mr. Jose Chavarria

Mr. Jose Chavarria is everyone’s favorite person at PAU’s main campus – he does his work with diligence, care, and thoughtfulness. PAU staff, faculty, and students depend on him to drive them between the PAU Alpine Road satellite parking lot and the main campus, which he has done every workday for over three years.

This February, while he was driving his normal route from the Alpine Road parking lot to the PAU main campus, he noticed a man kneeling next to a parked vehicle that had obviously been burglarized. As soon as the suspected burglar saw Jose, he ran to his parked vehicle and fled away from the scene. But, Jose took the initiative to follow the vehicle, call 911 and provided valuable information about car and the license plate number. The suspect was later identified and arrested. 

Mr. Greg Munks, Sheriff of the County of San Mateo commented on Jose’s courageous work:

“Mr. Chavarria, you are to be commended for your actions and deserved recognition for the service you provided to make our community a safer place. Congratulations and thank you for a job well done!” 


Mr. Jose Chavarria by his van

Mr. Jose Chavarria by his van with an award presented by PAU.

group photo

Left to Right: San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Representative, Dr. William Froming, PAU Provost, Mr. Jose Chavarria, Dr. Phillip Zimbardo, PAU Professor, and San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Representative.

Dr. William Froming, PAU Provost and Mr. Jose Chavarria

Dr. William Froming, PAU Provost and Mr. Jose Chavarria with the Commendation from the San Mateo County Sheriff's Department.
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