PAU Faculty in The Professional Counselor

December 19, 2020

William H. Snow, chair of PAU's Counseling Department, co-authored the introductory article for a special issue of the The Professional Counselor that is designed to inform and support faculty, staff, and administrative efforts in starting or revitalizing doctoral degree programs in counselor education and supervision. This Special Issue is the culmination of a research collaboration between Dr. Snow and Thomas A. Field, an assistant professor from Boston University.

"It started with my research on determining the need for more doctoral programs in the West," said Dr. Snow. "That led to the article we wrote along with Scott Hinkle [PAU counseling professor] called 'The Pipeline Problem in Doctoral Counselor Education and Supervision'." 
PAU's Jennie Ju, a core faculty member and scholar-educator was the lead author along with counseling professor Kelly Coker on a paper titled, ‘Recruiting, Retaining, and Supporting Students from Underrepresented Racial Minority Backgrounds in Doctoral Counselor Education’. 
In the introduction, Drs. Snow and Field review the 14 studies that make up this issue and summarize their key findings. Seven key themes emerged for faculty and staff to consider during program development: (a) the current state of research, (b) doctoral program demographics and distribution, (c) defining quality, (d) mentoring and gatekeeping, (e) increasing diversity, (f) supporting dissertation success, and (g) gaining university administrator support. We recognize the vital contribution of these articles to doctoral counselor education and supervision program development while also highlighting future directions for research emerging from this collection.