PAU at the APA Virtual Convention 2020

Thursday, July 30, 2020


As in year's past, Palo Alto University (PAU) faculty members, students and alumni have again been invited to participate in this year's 128th annual American Psychology Association (APA) Virtual Convention taking place August 6-8, 2020. This annual event is the largest gathering of psychologists and psychology students in the world from all areas of specialization in psychology and from research, practice, education and policy. The convention provides a platform for sharing information on a wide variety of critical and timely topics. For information about the convention schedule, please visit

A special congratulations to Dr. Jorge Wong, PAU alumnus and Board of Trustees member, who won Division 31's Outstanding Psychologist Award.  Div. 31 is the APA home for all State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Associations.

Accepted Proposals
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Dr. Liz McConnell (Faculty) Beehler, K., Herbitter, C., Kase, C. A., & Ghabrial, M. A. In M. Ghabrial (Chair) & E. A. McConnell (Discussant). Considering feminist perspectives in mental health and treatment. Roundtable n/a
Richard Valencia (Ph.D. Student) Valencia, R., Marshall, S., Rodriguez-Martinez, A.C., Fried, M., Seff, R. (August 2020). Continuing day treatment for severe mental illness: Antipsychotic medication non-adherence in a clinical sample. Poster n/a
Amber Stewart (Ph.D. Student) and Dr. Matthew Yalch (Faculty) Stewart, A. M. & Yalch, M. M., (2020, August). Convergent, discriminant, and predictive validity of a scale to detect symptom exaggeration. Poster  Recording
Ariel Friedman (Ph.D. Student), Dottie Gill (Ph.D. Student) and Dr. Kimberly Balsam (Pychology Dept. Chair)  Friedman, A. A., Gill, D., Balsam, K., F. (August, 2020). Demographic characteristics, mental health outcomes, and kinky practices among LGBTQ+ individuals. Poster  Recording
Sita Patel (Faculty) Patel, S.G. (Chair), Mercado, A., Bailey, C., Martinez, W.  (2020, August). Frontlines partnerships promote empirically-based services for immigrant families Symposium  Recording
Anusha Kakolu (Ph.D. Student), Jasmine Thomas (Ph.D. Student), Marissa Cassar (Ph.D. Student) and Dr. Robert Friedberg (Faculty) Kakolu, A., Thomas, J., Cassar, M., Friedberg, R. (2020, August). Helping Holden: The use of a simulated fictional character patient interview in a doctoral classroom. Poster Recording
Vanessa Ma (Ph.D. Student), Mina Dailami (Ph.D. Student), Dr. Jorge Wong (Faculty & Alum), Dr. Lisa Brown (Faculty & PAU Alum) and Dr. Sita Patel (Faculty) Ma, V., Dailami, M., Wong, J., Brown, L., Patel, S. (2020, August). Immigrant survivors of torture: Pre- and post-migration coping approaches.  Poster  Live
Aishwarya Thakur (Ph.D. Student) and Dr. Ricardo Muñoz (Faculty) Vivek, S., Thakur A., & Muñoz, R.F. (2020, August). Internet interventions in the Indian context. Poster  Recording
Kristen Vescera (Ph.D. Student) Vescera, K. (2020, August). Lessons learned from the Palo Alto University needs assessment of student veterans. In N. Ainspan (Chair), Lessons learned Improving the success of student veterans through cultural understanding. Symposium Presentation Live
Nicole Greenberg (Ph.D. Student) Greenberg, N., Fairchild, J. K. (2020, August). Loneliness and cognitive function in late life.  Poster  Live
Arielle Webb (Ph.D. Student), Elizabeth Savarese (Ph.D. Student) and Dr. Kimberly Balsam (Psychology Dept. Chair) Webb, A., Savaerese, E., & Balsam, K.F. (2020, August). Minority stress and resilience among non-binary people: A comparison of outcomes between non-binary and binary gender. minorities. In K.F. Balsam (Chair) Gender out of the box: New Directions in Research with Non-Binary Populations.  Symposium  n/a
Dr. Liz McConnell (Faculty) McConnell, E. A., & Birkett, M. (Accepted). Multilevel drivers of racial disparities in HIV among young men who have sex with men in Chicago. In E. A. McConnell, R. M. Liboro(Chairs), & R. N. Blumenthal (Discussant), Participatory Approaches to Multilevel Influences on HIV for Marginalized Populations. . Symposium  n/a
Dr. Shweta Ghosh (Alum) Schmidt, A.N., Ghosh, S., Shada, K., Ramirez, L.Y., & Stancin, T. (2020, August). New frontiers in pediatric integrated primary care: Subspecialty clinics.  Symposium  Recording
Nat Bricker (Ph.D. Student), Elizabeth Savarse (Ph.D. Student), Arielle Webb (Ph.D. Student) and Dr. Kimberly Balsam (Pychology Dept. Chair)  Bricker, N. L., Savarese, E., Webb, A., & Balsam, K. F. (2020, August). Non-suicidal self-injury and minority stress among transgender and nonbinary adults.  n/a n/a
Cassidy Van Trease (Ph.D. Student), Dr. Janice Habarth (Faculty), Keely Angelo (Ph.D. Student) and Dr. Machaela Sandoval (Alum) Van Trease, C., Habarth, J., Angelo, K., Sandoval, M. (2020, August). Predicting post-incarceration stigma in a vignette study: Do perceiver demographics matter? Poster Recording
Dr. Jorge Wong (Faculty & Alum), Dr. Joshua Heitzman (Alum), Billy Chan (Psy.D. Student), Aimee Zhang (Psy.D. Student) and Dr. Maureen O'Connor (PAU President) Wong, J., Low, E., Heitzmann, J., Chan, W., Zhang, A., O'Connor, M. (2020, August). Psychologists impact on public policy and law: Legislative collaboration with results. Symposium  Recording 
Margareth Del Cid (Alum), Karla Barajas (Alum), Vicky Bouche (Ph.D. Student and Sita Patel (Faculty), Martinez, W., Al-Rashid, N., del Cid, M., Barajas, K., Bouche, V. & Patel, S.G. (2020, August). School-based prevention programming for newcomer immigrant youth: Facilitators and barriers.  Symposium  Recording
Kyle Rosales (Ph.D. Student), Alex Erickson (Ph.D. Student), Dr. Matthew Yalch (Faculty) and Dr. Lisa Brown (Faculty) Rosales, K.B., Erickson, A.J., Carlson, K.J., Yalch, M.M., & Brown, L.M., (2020, August). The effect of military deployments and resiliency on GAD. Poster Live
Afik Faerman (Ph.D. Student) Faerman, A., Spiegel, D. (2020, August). The neuropsychology of hypnotizability: Executive functioning and information salience. Poster  Recording
Rachel Ward (Ph.D. Student), Alexander Erickson (Ph.D. Student), Dr. Matthew Yalch (Faculty), Katie Carlson (Ph.D. Student) and Dr. Lisa Brown (Faculty) Ward, R.N., Erickson, A.J., Carlson, K.J., Yalch, M.M., & Brown, L.M. (2020, August). The role of unit cohesion and perceived resilience in substance use disorder. Poster  Recording
Dr. Shweta Ghosh (Alum) Ghosh, S., Read, K. L., & Patten, J. (2020, August). Treating selective mutism in a pediatric oncology patient: A case example.  Poster  Recording
Kevin Liu (Ph.D. Student) Liu, K., Parekh, M., Nguyen, D., Kalahar, C., Bennett, N., Menon, S., Madrigal, E., Chung, J., Timmerman, D., Harris, O. (2020, August). Virtual reality guided meditation for patients with chronic pain and stress: A pilot study. Poster  Recording



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