PAU’s MS in Psychology offers Technology and Mental Health this Fall

July 1, 2022
Tech and Mental Health Emphasis
Starting this fall, PAU’s Master of Science in Psychology program will offer a Technology and Mental Health Concentration. This concentration will explore the impact technology has on mental health, which digital tools contribute to mental health interventions, and how to develop these digital tools.
“I’m really excited about this new concentration,” says Eduardo Bunge, PhD, PAU professor and director of the concentration. “Due to the pandemic, tech and mental health has become a highly relevant topic and this program will help students succeed in this growing field.” 
Along with taking traditional courses in psychology, master’s students enrolled in this concentration will take the following four courses: 
  • Technology and Mental Health for Children and Adolescents: Screen Time, Digital Interventions, and Teletherapy
  • Evidence-based Digital Internet Interventions to Reduce Health Disparities
  • Using Evidence-based Principles of Multimedia Learning for Product Design
  • Mental Health and Design in the Digital World (UX)
Students who graduate with this concentration become experts in the application of technology—such as smartphone apps, virtual reality, and video games—to enhance mental health in various industries. This concentration prepares students for technology-related employment in the fields of:
  • Education and Research
  • Media
  • Healthcare
  • Forensics
  • Non-Profits and Government Agencies
  • Business and Human Resources
  • Mental Health Start-up Companies
  • UX Design and Research
“I can't wait to start this program this fall,” says Bunge. “Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, surrounded by leading developers, graduates of this concentration will contribute to the development of digital tools that will alleviate mental health challenges worldwide.”
Apply or learn more about PAU’s MS in Psychology program, Technology and Mental Health Concentration. Applications are due August 5, 2022.