PAU Faculty Presentations at WACE Annual Conference

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

PAU’s M.A. Degree Counseling Faculty Delivers Six Enlightening Presentations During WACES Annual Conference

PAU Master’s Degree Faculty gave several outstanding and relevant presentations at the annual Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (WACES) conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia in November this year.   Their presentations demonstrated our master’s degree faculty’s in-depth understanding of issues facing current and future counselors.  Below are brief descriptions of their presentations:


Development of a Counselor Education Program for an International Cohort

Jennie Ju, Will Snow, Scott Hinkle

Rising awareness of global mental health challenges precipitated a growing interest to train clinicians in underserved international communities. This presentation explored Palo Alto University’s development of a hybrid framework to address clinical training requirements that adhere to CACREP standards and involve collaborative efforts with native organizations and professionals.


Best Practices in Online Counselor Education

William Snow, Scott Hinkle, Margaret Lamar, Megan Speciale, Tim Baima, Karen Roller, Wendy Wade and Jennie Ju

Best practices for a state of the art virtual online Counselor Education classroom is presented to include inherent advantages and challenges of each. Attendees learned how to foster a productive, virtual, remote classroom environment that reduces faculty-student social distance.


A Double Life?: Exploring the Cultural Experiences of New Parent Pre-Tenured Counseling Faculty

Margaret Lamar, Erika Cameron, Thom Field, Dixie Meyer

This presentation identified challenges faced by first time parent faculty as they navigate their new role while balancing their responsibilities as a faculty member. Strategies were presented for navigating these challenges.


The Role of Nurturing Self-Love in Teaching Counselors to Address White Privilege

Timothy Baima

Many counselor educators believe in the importance of educating white students about white privilege. However, they are often discouraged when their attempts to increase self-awareness elicit defensiveness or shame. This workshop examined the role of radical love and grace for oneself in the development of healthy self-awareness of unearned white privilege.


The Role of Self-Love in Developing Practices of Self-Reflection About Unearned Social Privilege

Timothy Baima

This roundtable discussion focused on strategies to work through negative reactions to discussions about social privilege. An emphasis was placed on teaching students to practice self-care and exercise love and grace for themselves, without minimizing accountability


An Exploration of Clinical Training Experience of an International Counseling Cohort

Jennie Ju

While American counseling programs are seeing a growth in international enrollment, there is little understanding of the clinical training experience of students. This presentation highlighted the themes that emerged from interview data with a group of China students in Palo Alto University’s M.A. Counseling program.



The Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision was founded in 1961 as one of five regional organizations of the national Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) WACES seeks to advance the education, credentialing, and supervision of counselors. The association advocates for a multicultural approach that honors diversity and promotes the mastery of knowledge, skills, and competencies of its members who work in guidance, counseling, and student personnel services in all settings of society. For more information about WACES visit

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