Global Mental Health

Palo Alto University is dedicated to the mission of engaging minds and improving lives, both locally and globally. 

For many years, members of the PAU community have been actively working in the area of global mental health.  Some of these efforts have included:

Currently, PAU partners with several global organizations to improve mental health training and accessibility in countries such as Cambodia, Rwanda, China, India, and Northern Ireland.

Institute for Global Mental Health

As part of the Palo Alto University Strategic Plan, the Institute for Global Mental Health was created to enhance the synergies among numerous Palo Alto University initiatives that provide mental health research, training and intervention to address the needs of underserved populations at home and around the world. The IGMH leadership team and specialists have longstanding involvement in their communities of interest. Each has developed relationships with international colleagues and institutions and has ongoing research, training and/or intervention projects.

Ongoing International Involvement

PAU’s ongoing international efforts also include:

For information about contributing to or sponsoring global mental health initiatives at PAU, please contact