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Positive COVID-19 Case Reporting at PAU


Palo Alto University requires that any student, faculty, or staff member, after testing positive for COVID-19 (and who has been on campus or a PAU hosted event within 2 days prior to or after taking the test), report their positive test result to PAU’s Human Resources department immediately via email to

Positive Case Notification

Palo Alto University’s Human Resources Department will reach out via email to specific students, faculty and staff members who may have potentially been exposed to someone who has reported testing positive for COVID-19.  The name of the individual who tested positive will be kept confidential.

Students: should also contact their professors to inform them of missing classes and inquire about making up assignments.

Faculty and staff employees: should also report sick leave to their supervisor and through ADP.

Isolation & Returning to Campus: Please refer to Santa Clara County’s Guidance on what to do if you’re sick, which includes isolation instructions and when to safely return to campus. 

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PAU Exposures Dashboard

Please refer to the PAU Exposures Dashboard to view positive COVID-19 cases and possible exposures on PAU campuses or hosted events.