Psychotherapy Research Group


Please note:  This research group is not accepting students during the 2017-18 academic year.


Dr. Larry E. Beutler, Dr. Nancy A. Haug, and Dr. Satoko Kimpara 

Overview of research program:

Dr. Beutler’s two main areas of research involve:

  1. tailoring psychotherapy to “fit” the patient and treatment in order to optimize treatment outcomes
  2. the development and testing of applications of this tailoring process to special groups (e.g., Survivors of Domestic Violence, Equine-Assisted interventions).

Dr. Beutler emphasizes a common principles approach. That is, using Principles of Change that cut across therapy models and that impact the outcome trajectory. Dr. Beutler has established a cloud-based assessment procedure, called Systematic Treatment Selection (STS), in order to identify and assess patterns of fit among patient, context, and therapy factors that comprise treatment tailoring. He has since applied this assessment tool to improve supervision at the Gronowski Center and aims to expand its implementation to inpatient treatment contexts within California and abroad, with an emphasis on the cross-cultural implications of this measurement tool. Dr. Beutler is also an avid researcher in the field of domestic violence, particularly in terms of its impact on women. Current foci of lab activities and projects include:

  1. Enhancing psychotherapy training with the use of STS/Innerlife feedback in supervision at the Gronowski Center. We collect data on students and their supervisors who consent to participate in this study, with a focus on exploring methods by which supervision can enhance student efficacy through the use of principle-based procedures.
  2. The application of identified therapy principles to the specific case of equine- assisted therapy among women who have been victimized by domestic violence.

Lab expectations and obligations include:

(A) attendance and participation in bi-weekly lab meetings and

(B) working collaboratively with lab members of posters/papers to be disseminated at local and international research conferences. In addition, there are ample opportunities to collaborate on publications for top tier journals, as well as co-authoring invited book chapters.

Dr. Nancy Haug and Dr. Satoko Kimpara co-lead the research group with Dr. Beutler. Dr. Haug and Dr. Kimpara are Co-Investigators on the STS Supervision project and Dr. Haug directs the research program at The Gronowski Center. Dr. Haug’s research focus is on behavioral and psychosocial interventions for adopting health behaviors and treating addictive disorders. Dr. Haug’s work has involved complex patients: disadvantaged and special populations such as pregnant and postpartum women, individuals with HIV/AIDS, and those with psychiatric comorbidity. Currently, Dr. Haug has several ongoing projects, including:

  1. an examination of client characteristics and relationship to treatment outcome in a community mental health training clinic;
  2. assessment of marijuana dispensary staff attitudes and practices;
  3. perinatal substance abuse treatment program evaluation and;
  4. assessment of provider attitudes toward naloxone on Twitter.

Dr. Kimpara coordinates the clinic project, instructs supervisors in the application of the STS treatment/supervision methods, and provides statistical consultation to the research group members. Her particular research interest is in cross-cultural applications of the STS intervention model and especially, interventions/assessments regarding ratios of coping styles for our human development initiative.

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