Psychology and Law Research Group

Dr. Wendy Packman



Projects: 1. Informed consent and assent issues 2. Medical malpractice and risk management with suicidal patients. 3. Genetic discrimination.
4. Children and the law


1---2 new members in the Joint JD---PhD Program to join the group .

Application Process:

Submit C.V. and a writing sample to Dr. Packman . The writing sample is either a paper submitted for a psychology class while a student at PAU or a paper submitted for a law course at GGULaw School or another law school.
Dr. Packman will meet and interview prospective students. All new research group members are on probation for the first quarter and one half to ensure that there is a “good fit” between the members of the research team and with Dr. Packman.

Notification: Students accepted into research group will be notified by email or in person at the PAU deadline.

Selected Publications in Psychology and the Law:

Packman, W., Cabot, M.G., & Bongar, B. (1994). Malpractice arising from negligent psychotherapy: Ethical, legal, and clinical implications of Osheroff v. Chestnut Lodge. Ethics and Behavior, 4, 175---197.

Packman, W. & Harris, E.A. (1998). Legal issues and risk management in suicidal patients. In Risk Management with Suicidal Patients. Bongar, B., Berman, A.L., Maris, R., Silverman, M., Harris, E.A., & Packman, W.L., Editors. NY: The Guilford Press, pp. 150---186.

Packman, W., Marlitt, R.E., Bongar, B, & O’Connor Pennuto, T. (2004). A comprehensive and concise assessment of suicide risk. Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 22(5), 667---680.

Packman, W., O’Connor Pennuto, T., Bongar, B., & Orthwein, J. (2004). Legal issues of professional negligence in suicide cases. Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 22, 697--- 713.

Behnken, M., Arredondo, D., & Packman, W. (2009). Reduction in recidivism in a juvenile mental health court: A pre---treatment/Post---treatment study. The Journal of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, 60, 23---44.

Wood, S.E., Packman, W., Howell, S, & Bongar, B. (2013). A failure to implement: Analyzing state responses to the Supreme Court’s directives in Atkins v. Virginia and suggestions for a national standard. Psychiatry, Psychology, and Law. 21:1, 16-45, DOI:10.1080/13218719.2013.773847

Orthwein, J., Packman, W., Jackson, R., & Bongar, B. (2010). Filicide: Gender Bias In California Defense Attorneys’ Perception Of Motive And Defense Strategies. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, doi:10.1080/13218710903566987. 

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