Pediatric Psychology Research Group

Dr. Wendy Packman



Ongoing Projects (data collection, posters, manuscripts) in Pediatric Psychology:


Chronic Conditions and Genetics and Inborn Errors of Metabolism

• The psychological issues faced by children with maple syrup urine disease (MSUD). The next phase of this work will focus on children ages 0-­5.

• Gaucher Disease: An investigation of the psychological characteristics of children with Gaucher Disease. This project is currently being carried out in collaboration with faculty at UCSF.

• Psychosocial functioning of siblings of patients with PKU


 Bereavement Studies

 • Study that examines Psychosocial Changes Associated with Participation in a Bereavement camp for Siblings of patients diagnosed with cancer.

• Pet Bereavement Studies – impact of the death of a pet on children and impact of the death of a pet on individuals (cross-­cultural study) These are collaborative studies with Dr. Cori Bussolari, Rachel Katz, and Dr. Betty Carmack.


Openings: 1 new member to join the pediatric psychology group


Application Process:

  • Submit C.V. and a writing sample, via email, to Dr. Packman’s research assistants, Caitlin Gannon ( and Paige Naylor (
  • Submit C.V. and a writing sample to Dr. Packman via email ( and by hard copy.
  • The writing sample is usually a paper submitted for a psychology class (e.g., Research Methods) while a student at PAU.
  • Prospective students first meet with and are interviewed by current research group members.
  • Following meeting with students, Dr. Packman will meet and interview prospective students. If research group members and Dr. Packman agree, students are invited to join the research group.
  • All new research group members are on probation for the first quarter and one half to ensure that there is a “good fit” between the members of the research team and with Dr. Packman.


Notification: Students accepted into research group will be notified by email or in person no later than the PAU deadline.


Selected Publications in Pediatric Psychology, Bereavement, Biochemical


Genetic Disorders:

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Packman, W., Mazaheri, M., Sporri, L., Long, J., Chesterman, B., Fine, J., & Amylon, M. (2008). Projective Drawings as Measures of Psychosocial Functioning in Siblings of Pediatric Cancer Patients from the Camp Okizu Study. Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing, 25(1), 44-­55.

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  Packman, W., Field, N.P., Carmack, B.J., & Ronen, R. (2011).  Continuing bonds and psychosocial adjustment in pet loss. Journal of Loss and Trauma,16:4, 341-357,  DOI 10.1080/15325024.2011.572046

Packman, W., Carmack, B.J., Katz, R., Carlos, F., Field, N.P., & Landers, C. (2014). Online survey as empathic bridging for the disenfranchised grief of pet loss. Omega.  69(4) 333-356.


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