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Ethnic Youth Resilience Research Group

The Ethnic Youth Resilience Lab

Alvin Thomas, Ph.D.

The Ethnic Youth Risk & Resilience Lab fits research interests that fall within the Child and the Community Mental Health Foci. The goal of the Ethnic Youth Risk & Resilience Lab is to create research that informs the understanding of how multiple factors assail and contribute to positive outcomes among youth, but especially those exposed to greater risk. The Ethnic Youth Risk & Resilience Lab also explores father-child relationships as an under examined resource in the lives of families and youth.

Specifically, the Ethnic Youth Resilience Lab will focus on:

  • Increasing youth’s self-efficacy to avoid violence, suicide and other negative health outcomes by examining parenting and community efforts, and building coping skills in at risk and exposed youth.
  • Investigating the influence of masculine and racial identities, and the influence of parents, including nonresident fathers, and neighborhoods on youth outcomes.
  • Exploring risk and protective factors associated with youth violence and the potentially efficacious role of nonresident fathers.
  • Investigating the inclusion of fathers in the provision of mental health services to their children. The research of the Ethnic Youth Risk & Resilience Lab intends to inform clinical and community interventions that address the specific needs of at-risk, and underrepresented families, and to develop protocols and guidelines to address gaps in clinician training related to father involvement in therapy.

Desired skills:

  1. A commitment to exploring issues and research related to serving under-represented and underserved populations. 

  2. Data analysis and data management skills 

  3. A demonstration of great writing skills. 

  4. Ability to work independently (but a good team player) and good time management. 

  5. A strong desire to publish work in professional journals and to attend conferences. 

Involvement in this lab will include opportunities for building research skills such as study design, literature reviews, subject recruitment, data entry, data management and analysis, professional presentations, and the possibility of manuscript reviewing, construction, and submission. All students are encouraged to conduct their own research projects and possibly collaborate on others. Students are strongly encouraged to compete for student awards and seek opportunities to serve in local, regional or national psychological associations.

Apply: Please submit the following to Dr. Alvin Thomas via email at Applicants, please use: Lab Application 2017 as the subject line (without quotations) to bypass spam etc.

  1. Curriculum Vitae 

  2. Unofficial transcript 

  3. Research interest statement or cover letter (no more than 2 pages) discussing a) research interest 
in ethnic/minority health, current commitments, reasons for interest in this research lab, the individual potential contribution to the lab. 

  4. Brief interview required 

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