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Depression, Technology and Latino Health

Depression, Technology and Latino Health Research Lab

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alinne Barrera


[Updated: March 16, 2018]



The focus of this research group is on designing and testing depression interventions for underserved populations utilizing traditional (community-based) and innovative (technology-based) methods. Dr. Barrera’s research interests primarily focus on depression among women, Latinx, and Spanish-speakers.  Her current research is on the use of technology-based tools to address mental health disparities among pregnant and postpartum women. All studies include Spanish- and English-speaking populations (local, national, and international).


Student Expectations

Students in their 2nd and 3rd year are expected to be actively involved in Dr. Barrera’s research projects, including making significant contributions to the day-to-day activities, attending regular lab meetings, collaborating on manuscripts/presentations, etc. Each student is expected to co-author at least one manuscript for publication or for a conference presentation.


Dissertation projects

All members are expected to develop dissertation studies that align with their professional interests and training goals. Students will begin to discuss dissertation projects soon after joining the research group. A majority of students in this research group conduct dissertations that are original data collection.



Students with prior research experience, knowledge of web design or other technology-based skills, and

who are bilingual (Spanish/English) are encouraged to apply (not a requirement).


Accepted students will be expected to start in July 2018 or sooner.


Submit all application materials electronically to Dr. Barrera []:

1.     Curriculum Vitae, including two references

2.     Transcripts (unofficial is fine)

3.     1-2 page essay answering the following questions:

·       Describe your current research and clinical interests and how they map on to Dr. Barrera's current work.

























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