Ph.D. Clinical Psychology: Faculty

The Ph.D. Clinical Psychology program faculty is a talented and highly distinguished group of psychologists from across the globe, with wide ranging clinical and research specialties. As a whole, the faculty members support evidence-based approaches to practice, and are actively involved in important clinical research. Core faculty – those primarily based at Palo Alto University’s (PAU) main campus provide the backbone of the program. In addition, PAU’s associated faculty spends at least 20% of their time teaching and supervising research at the university. Many of these faculty members have appointments with the VA Palo Alto Health Care System and bring important insights from their work there. Finally, a dedicated group of adjunct faculty members provide teaching and clinical supervision in areas that are not otherwise represented by core or associated faculty.

  • Kimberly Balsam, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Psychology, Professor, Director of the LGBTQ Area of Emphasis, Director of the Center for LGBTQ Evidence-based Applied Research (CLEAR)
    Research Interests: LGBTQ psychology; women and gender; same-sex and heterosexual couples; trauma; CBT
  • Alinne Barrera, Ph.D., Associate Professor, and Associate Director of Clinical Training

    Research Interests: Working with immigrant, Spanish-speaking individuals with mood disorders; designing and testing depression programs for underserved populations
  • Leonard Beckum, Ph.D., Professor

    Research Interests: Cultural competency professional development training; research on embedding character traits in the regular school curriculum; program planning and evaluation; educational equity technical assistance and planning; community involvement
  • Larry E. Beutler, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus, and Director of the Institute for the Study of Equine Assisted Change

    Research Interests: Psychotherapy outcome and process; trauma and terrorism; chemical abuse treatment; equine assisted therapy; depression; integrative therapy; psychological assessment
  • Bruce Bongar, Ph.D., ABPP, FAPM, Calvin Professor of Psychology

    Research Interests: Suicide and self-destructive behaviors; clinical and legal standards of care; emergency and disaster psychology; the psychology of suicide terrorism
  • Lisa M. Brown, Ph.D., ABPP, Professor, Director of the Trauma Program

    Research Interests: Stress, resilience, assessment, treatment, aging, suicide, disasters, terrorism, violence, vulnerable and underserved populations.
  • Eduardo Bunge, Ph.D., Associate Professor,  Institute for International Internet Interventions for Health (i4Health)

    Research Interests: Psychotherapeutic approaches for children and adolescents with internalizing disorders.
  • Joyce P. Chu, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director of the Center for Excellence in Diversity, and Director of the Diversity and Community Mental Health (DCMH) Area of Emphasis 

    Research Interests: Geriatrics; ethnic minority populations; diversity
  • Matthew Cordova, Ph.D., Associate Professor, and Co-Director of the Early Intervention Clinic

    Research Interests: Health psychology; cognitive behavioral therapy; traumatic stress; early intervention to prevent trauma-related problems; social support; posttraumatic growth; positive psychology
  • Luli Emmons, Ph.D., Professor, and Vice President for Professional Advising and Development

    Research Interests: Professional Standards: Internship Advising; clinical training in professional psychology; international standards and credentialing in psychology; community mental health; program development; consultation
  • Amanda M. Fanniff, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

    Research Interests: Forensic psychology; developmental considerations in the assessment and treatment of juvenile offenders; juvenile competence to stand trial; adults and adolescents who commit sexual offenses
  • Robert D. Friedberg, Ph.D., ABPP, ACT, Professor, and Director of the Center for the Study and Treatment of Anxious Youth

    Research Interests: Training clinicians for the next generation in behavioral health care with youth; dissemination of empirically based approaches; school mental health; innovative cognitive behavioral treatment/prevention delivery models and systems
  • Peter Goldblum, Ph.D., Professor, Co-Director of the Center for LGBTQ Evidence-based Applied Research (CLEAR)

    Research Interests: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender; psychotherapy; bullying; suicide; HIV
  • Rowena Gomez, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training

    Research Interests: Aging; neuropsychology; depression
  • Roger L. Greene, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

    Research Interests: Taxonicity of MMPI-2 codetypes; assessment of deception
  • Amie Haas, Ph.D., Associate Professor

    Research Interests: Substance abuse in college populations
  • Janice Habarth, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

    Research Interests: social norms and attitudes; cultural competencies among healthcare providers; intersectional and feminist approaches to understanding prejudice, privilege, stigma, and health disparities; LGBTQ+ and gender studies
  • Jennifer Keller, Ph.D., Research Faculty

    Research Interests: Intervention to prevent sexual violence towards women; mental health care in South Asian immigrants
  • Yan Leykin, Ph.D., Associate Professor

    Research interests: Judgment and decision-making of psychiatric populations, with a special focus on depression; cognitive behavioral interventions; internet interventions and technology-based resources for depression and other health conditions
  • Steven Lovett, Ph.D., Research Faculty

    Research Interests: Psychological issues in heart disease & other chronic illnesses
  • Rayna Hirst, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, and Director of the Clinical Neuropsychology Area of Emphasis

    Research Interests: Neuropsychological assessment; effort testing; learning and memory; executive dysfunction; substance use/abuse
  • Sandy Macias, Ph.D., Clinical Faculty, and Director, The Gronowski Center

    Research Interests: Couples and Children
  • James Moses, Ph.D., Research Faculty

    Research Interests: Clinical neuropsychology; psychological assessment
  • Ricardo F. Muñoz, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Clinical Psychology, Founder, Institute for International Internet Interventions for Health (i4Health)

    Research Interests: Prevention and treatment of depression; smoking cessation; evidence-based Internet interventions for health and wellness; digital self-help; reducing health disparities worldwide.
  • Wendy Packman, Ph.D., J.D., Professor, Director of the Joint J.D.- Ph.D. Program in Psychology and Law, and Chair of the Institutional Review Board

    Research Interests: Pediatric psychology; chronic illness; bereavement; psychology and law
  • Sita G. Patel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

    Research Interests: Cultural and community psychology; immigration and acculturation among adolescents and families; community partnership and school-based intervention; refugee mental health; reducing health disparities
  • Robert L. Russell, Ph.D., Professor, and Director of the Child and Family Area of Emphasis

    Research Interests: Developmental psychopathology; child and adolescent communication disorders; processes of change in psychosocial treatments
  • Josef I. Ruzek, Ph.D., Research Faculty, and Founding Director of The Early Intervention Clinic

    Research Interests: Early intervention to prevent PTSD; cognitive-behavioral treatments for PTSD; web- and phone-based interventions; dissemination of best practices in treatment of PTSD
  • Tilman Schulte, Ph.D., Associate Professor

    Research Interests: Cognition and behavior; neuroscience; clinical psychology
  • Nicole Shiloff, Ph.D., Clinical Faculty, and Assistant Director, The Gronowski Center

    Research Interests: Psychology Training
  • Stanley Sue, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Clinical Psychology

    Research Interests: Cultural competent treatment; psychopathology among ethnic minorities; racism and privilege; Asian-American personality and mental health
  • Alvin Thomas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

    Research Interests:  Risk and protective factors for African American youth, Paternal parenting, Father involvement in children's therapy
  • Teceta Tormala, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director of the Ph.D. Academic Advising Center
, and Associate Director of Clinical Training 

    Research Interests: Negotiation of social identity across contexts; intersectionality of social identities; stereotyping, prejudice, and intergroup processes; racial and ethnic identity processes among Black immigrants
  • Lynn C. Waelde, Ph.D., Professor, and Director of the Meditation and Psychology Area of Emphasis

    Research Interests: Meditation and psychotherapy; trauma; dissociation; PTSD
  • Stacie L. Warren, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

    Research Interests: Pursuing and translating basic research to applied settings and continuing interdisciplinary scholarship.  Understanding key mechanisms and pathways that contribute to the development and maintenance of anxiety and depression and related brain function and dysfunction
  • Christopher M. Weaver, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director of the Forensic Psychology Area of Emphasis

    Research Interests: Assessment of malingered PTSD; contributions of PTSD to criminal offending; psychopathy/PTSD co-occurrence
  • Robert E. Wickham, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, and Director of the Palo Alto University Statistics Consultation Center (SCC)

    Research Interests: The role of authenticity and attachment style in close relationship functioning; schematic knowledge structures and uncertainty reduction; applied research methods and statistical modeling