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Ph.D. Clinical Psychology: Graduation Requirements

1. Residence requirement

The Ph.D. program requires a minimum of 3 full-time academic years of graduate study (full-time is defined as at least 27 units per year; starting in Year 5, full-time is defined as a minimum of 3 units per quarter) and completion of an internship prior to awarding the doctoral degree. At least 2 of the 3 academic training years (1st-3rd year required coursework) must be at the PAU PhD program, and at least 2 years of which must be in full-time residence.

Number of units required to graduate: 171 units

a. Required Courses: 153 units
b. Elective units: 18 units

2. Personal Therapy Requirement

16 Hours of individual psychotherapy with a doctoral-level licensed psychologist or board-eligible psychiatrist. Personal therapy hours are required prior to registration for the Oral Clinical Competency Exam.

3. Publication/Presentation Requirement

Students must meet at least one of the following conditions to satisfy this requirement:

  • present at least one poster or paper at a professional convention/conference as the senior student author 
  • publish a paper in a peer reviewed indexed journal or a book or book chapter as an author or co-author 
  • comparable activity with faculty approval

4. Milestones

a. Competency/Area Exams

    • (Written) Research Competency Examination 
    • Written) Clinical Competency Examination 
    • (Written) Assessment Competency Examination 
    • Oral Clinical Competency Examination

b. Practicum. Students must complete Practicums in the 2nd year (Gronowski Center) and 3rd year (External Practicum). Although 4th year is optional, virtually all students complete a second year of external practicum to obtain diverse clinical training experiences and accrue more clinical hours to be competitive for internship. 
c. Dissertation: 30 units (minimum) 
d. Internship: 12 units 



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