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Fall Quarter Covid Guidance for Students at PAU

August 24, 2021

Dear PAU Students:

I wanted to follow up on President O’Connor and Provost Cameron’s communication from August 3 about the university’s plan for fall instruction at PAU.  As President O’Connor and Provost Cameron noted, the pandemic situation is a rapidly changing one, with shifting guidance from local, state, and federal officials. When the pandemic started at the beginning of 2020, I am not sure anyone expected that we would still be dealing with it now.  The guidance below will be in place for the fall quarter, and will be reviewed and revised as necessary for the winter quarter.

Being in Person at a PAU Facility in the Fall

To best support our reopening efforts, and based on the latest guidance from Santa Clara County, starting August 15, 2021, all PAU students, staff, and faculty will need to do the following to be approved to be at at any PAU location:

Complete a Vaccine Attestation Form (Click here to complete), indicating they are fully vaccinated

Complete an online covid safety training titled "Staying Healthy in a Changing Environment for Students on Campus". Please check your PAU email for the EverFi training link, sent  earlier today, on August 24, 2021 (approximately 20-25 minutes).

Complete a Health Screening Survey (Link to Survey) for each day they plan to be on the site.

Wear a mask at all times while at any PAU location, even if fully vaccinated.

Links to the above forms can also be found on the MyPAU Portal.

Being Remote in the Fall

PAU community members and any visitors who are not fully vaccinated, and do not complete the above steps, will not be permitted at any of PAU’s locations.  They will have to be fully remote through the fall quarter.  This is a necessary adjustment from the message sent from Drs. O’Connor and Cameron on August 3rd, as the guidance has changed.

Available Covid Relief Funds:

Finally, PAU still has federally provided covid relief funds available for those students experiencing financial hardship due to the ongoing pandemic.  Students can contact the Office of Financial Aid at to discuss financial support options that may be available to them.

As has been the case since the start of the pandemic, PAU continues to prioritize the health and safety of the PAU community.  We are a strong and resilient community, and we are committed to doing our part to help keep the PAU community, as well as all of our friends and family, as safe as possible as we continue to respond to the pandemic.

Sincerely, Thom Shepard, M.Ed.

Dean of Students Palo Alto University-Allen Calvin Campus 1791 Arastradero Road Palo Alto, CA  94304

Office: Building 3, Room 353 Phone: 650-433-3814