Torey Portrie, PhD

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CMHC Adjunct Faculty Member

Contact Information:

Faculty Status:

 Adjunct Professor


Doctor of Philosophy, Counselor Education & Counseling, August 2007
Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho

Major Emphasis: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, CACREP Core Areas: Helping Relationships, Group Work, Human Growth and Development, Ethics, and Professional Orientation. Dissertation: Supervisees' Perceived Needs in Supervision   

Master’s of Counseling, Marriage, Couple, and Family, May 2004
Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho, CACREP Accredited program degree

Bachelor of Science, Communication Disorders and Hearing Sciences, May 2000
University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire


Torey Portrie is a counselor educator adjunct in a CACREP accredited clinical mental health counseling program at Palo Alto University. She has provided experiential counseling services for children, adolescents, and adults. Her counseling modalities have included adventure-based counseling (adventure therapy), play therapy, sandplay, crisis and trauma, and animal assisted therapy for families, individuals, and groups. Torey has over 50 regional, national, & international presentations on Experiential Counseling, Adventure Therapy, Crisis /Trauma, play therapy, research, and counseling supervision. Torey values collaborative professional and clinical relationships. She has co-published 25 times in peer reviewed counseling journals, counseling textbooks and peer-reviewed books.

Areas of Interest:

CMHC, Adventure Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Counseling, Play Therapy

Talks and Lectures:

Portrie, T., & Brown, C. (June-2022). Your Rock, Your Home, Your Center: Using metaphor to create psychological safety. 9th International Adventure Therapy
Conference. Kristansand, Norway.

Brown, C., & Portrie, T. (June-2022). Effects of an Adventure Therapy Mountain Bike Program. 9th International Adventure Therapy Conference. Kristansand, Norway.

Portrie-Bethke, T., Hudspeth, F. E., Moore, R., Bastian Hanks, B., & Hobson, M. (2019). Innovative pedagogical methods infusing neurocounseling into counselor training curriculum: Human growth and development. Association for Counselor Education and Counseling. Seattle, WA, USA.

Portrie-Bethke, T., Christian, D. D., Brown, C. (2018-September). Mitigating the impact of adverse childhood experience: Experiential counseling processes
across the lifespan. International Association of Counseling, Rome, Italy.

Portrie-Bethke, T., Christian, D. D., Brown, C. (2018- September). Adventure Based Counseling addressing parent adolescent relationship enhancement: Promoting a sense of self-efficacy and connectedness. International Association of Counseling, Rome, Italy.

Selected Publications:

Christian, D. D., Brown, C., & Portrie-Bethke, T. (2019). Group climate and development in Adventure Therapy: An exploratory study.  Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 44(1), 25-45. DOI: 10.1080/01933922.2018.1561776

Christian, D.D., Perryman L. K., & Portrie-Bethke, T. (2017). Improving the parent adolescent relationship with Adventure-Based Counseling: An Adlerian perspective, Journal of Child and Adolescent Counseling, 3(1), 44-58, DOI: 10.1080/23727810.2017.1281693

Chandler, C. K., Fernando, D. M., Barrio Minton, C. A., & Portrie-Bethke,T. L. (2015). Eight domains of pet owner wellness: Valuing the pet owner relationship in the pet owner process. Journal of Mental Health Counseling 37(3), 268-282.