Ryan C. Thompson, MEd, NCC

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Thompson, R. C., Arastu, S. F., Marcuson, S. M., Adler, J. S., & Hirst, R. B. 
(2019, February). Examiner expectancies about cannabis use negatively affect 
neurocognitive performance in a sample of chronic cannabis users and 
non-users. Poster presented at the meeting of the International 
Neuropsychological Society, New York, NY.
Aratsu, S., Thompson, R. C., Marcuson, S. M., Adler, J. S., & Hirst, R. B. 
(2019, February). Age of initial use as a moderator between motivational 
statement and neuropsychological performance in adolescent and young adults. 
Poster presented at the meeting of the International Neuropsychological 
Society, New York, NY.
Coker, J. K., & Thompson, R. C. (2018, June). Transparent counseling pedagogy 
(TCP) and other best-practices for technique-based courses. Paper presented 
at the Evidence-Based Teaching Conference at Palo Alto University, Palo Alto, 
Thompson, R. C. (2016, November). Integrating family therapy into the 
treatment of addiction: Recommendations for the field of professional 
counseling. Poster presented at the meeting of the Virginia Counselors 
Association, Williamsburg, VA. 
Websites and Other Relevant Links: 
Thompson, R. C. (2018, September 24). Inclusive and accessible pedagogy: An 
expectation rather than an exception in higher education [blog post]. 
Graduate Student Teaching Association Blog. Retrieved from 
Thompson, R. C. (2018, July/August). Student events offer advice on graduate 
school, publishing, and more. Observer, 31(6), 39–40. Retrieved from 
Thompson, R. C., & Gomez, R. (2018, May 4). The benefits of a resilient mind: 
3 simple psychological strategies for improving stroke prevention in older 
adults [blog post]. Psychology Benefits Society. Retrieved from 
Selected Publications: Kim, M., & Thompson, R. C. (2016). Influence of 
resilience on career decision-making self-efficacy of disadvantaged students. 
Journal of Special & Gifted Education, 3(2), 47–68.
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