NYSAP Workshop: The Five Question Model to Conducting Juvenile Competency Evaluations

May 20, 2022 | 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM Pacific
3 hours | 3 CEs
$225 Registration | Early Registration $200 (through April 13th)
This live workshop on The Five Question Model to Conducting Juvenile Competence Evaluations is presented by Ivan Kruh, PhD and Christina R. Riggs Romaine, PhD in partnership with The National Youth Screening & AssessmentPartners (NYSAP).
Evaluation quality is enhanced when a conceptual model is used that guides data gathering, data interpretation, and the communication of findings in a manner consistent with scientific, empirical, and ethical standards. The most widely accepted model for guiding evaluations of competence to stand trial was offered by Thomas Grisso in 1986 and was applied to juvenile competence evaluations in 2005. The model lays out Functional, Causal, Contextual, Conclusory, and Remediation questions that, when considered and opined upon by evaluators in a systematic manner, yield an effective and informative evaluation and a report that can assist the court. In this workshop, each of the questions will be explained, relevant research and forensic concepts will be offered, and the process of forming opinions within each question will be modeled so that participants can apply it to their evaluations.