M.S. in Psychology

M.S. Psychology Ph.D. Prep (Global Online)

Earn Your Psychology Master’s Degree Online!

Palo Alto University offers an innovative and highly structured part-time 2 year Master of Science designed especially for students like you who:

  • want to continue your education without relocating
  • want to study part-time and continue to work
  • are interested in earning a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and would like to make sure that all of your M.S. credits will transfer
  • want to work with outstanding faculty

Classes are taught by highly accomplished professors with many years of academic experience, and students enjoy unparalleled flexibility to participate from anywhere in the world.  The Distance Learning Master of Science can be undertaken as a terminal degree program, or as a potential bridge to the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.  Graduates of the program who have demonstrated academic competence will have the opportunity to interview and be admitted to our Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology as second year doctoral students.  For those who do not wish to continue into a Ph.D. program, the M.S. in Psychology program will lead to great career opportunities in business, community college teaching, research assisting, and other fields.  

We hope you'll decide to become a part of this exciting worldwide learning community!

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