Letter from the PAU Faculty

***Sent of behalf of Joyce Chu, Chair, PAU Faculty Senate***

December 2, 2016

Dear Members of the PAU Community,

Our past Presidential election process triggered an unprecedented sense of tension and fear among many Americans and people around the globe. As PAU faculty, we send a message of support to PAU and its surrounding communities. We reaffirm our support for students, staff, and colleagues of all genders, gender identities, ethnicities, races, religions, spiritual identities, and sexual orientations.

We respect diversity and multiculturalism as fundamental core values of our institution. We oppose discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or cognitive ability, mental health status, or national origin, and we strive to create a university climate that is inclusive of all of our community members and committed to academic freedom and freedom of expression. Part of our commitment to diversity is our acknowledgement of different perspectives on social and political issues; we are dedicated to creating and sustaining an environment that encourages safe, open, and respectful dialogue about diverse viewpoints. Simultaneously, we strongly believe in social justice for all, and as such, we oppose actions and rhetoric of hatred, exclusion, or threats on the basis of group membership, including those which were stated and acted out during the past election season.

We uphold academic freedom and the respectful exchange of ideas by faculty, students, and all members of our community. You may see faculty doing this in different ways in their attempt to foster intellectual dialogue. We encourage our students and colleagues to actively engage in scholarly, pedagogical, community, clinical, and political activities with the potential benefit to local, regional, national, or global groups and organizations. We encourage the continued use of evidence-based practices to facilitate change; conceptualize and solve social problems; implement interventions to prevent, ameliorate, or remediate negative outcomes; optimize positive outcomes; and contribute to a social justice-inspired discourse on public policy.

The PAU faculty reaffirm our university's mission of "engaging minds and improving lives." We reinforce our commitment to using our professional and research expertise to develop intelligent, engaged, and passionate graduates, who can understand what is happening in our country at the present time and who can work to heal divisions and to foster individual and community thriving. We view our community members as leaders in social justice, and we commit ourselves to the hard work of productive engagement within and beyond our community as we look forward to inclusive and positive movement in the coming years.

The PAU Faculty

(vote by the PAU Faculty Senate: 9 Yes, 2 unavailable)