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Student & Faculty Guidelines


March 11, 2020

As we approach the end of winter quarter in our temporary online classroom format, we would like to preemptively address questions that students and faculty may have around issues such as course attendance, technology options for delivering course material, administration of final exams and other course-related matters. We truly appreciate everyone’s cooperation during this temporary transition.

Online Course Expectations: Faculty are expected to offer classes at their regularly scheduled time. Students are expected to attend classes at their regularly scheduled time. Students who have an unavoidable reason for missing class are asked to contact their instructor immediately to make alternative arrangements. Faculty are expected to work with their Department Chairs to ensure a coordinated and consistent approach to remaining lectures, coursework and final exams, as well as adherence to department or course attendance policies.

Winter Quarter Final Exams: The final exam schedule for winter quarter remains in effect. Exams will be held on their previously scheduled days and times. While we are encouraging faculty to use online or alternative formats for final course assessments, we understand this may not work for all students. To the extent necessary, faculty should work with students to accommodate technology and other needs. Please remember, the campus is open and faculty and students are welcome to utilize campus resources as long as they follow precautionary measures CDC Guidelines.

Faculty should assign grades according to PAU’s grading period established by the Registrar. Please note, timely submission impacts student progress and graduation, Veteran’s certifications, and financial aid.

Thank you again for your continued flexibility during this time. Please continue to extend to one another grace, kindness, and understanding during this uncertain period.

If you have any questions, please contact your department chair or any of the following offices.

Psychology Department Chair: Dr. Kimberly Balsam,

Counseling Department Chair: Dr. William Snow,

The Office of Student Affairs, Thom Shepard,

The Office of Student Accommodations, Ana Castrillo,

The Office of Academic Affairs,